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The Flemish Masters hereby tellin' our inaugural release salvo: the reissue of V O N L M O's monumental no wave/savant punk Future Language album (exclusively licensed to the Vlaamse Meesters by Mr. LMO), and seminal modern composer N O N D O R N E V A I's hysterical and bathetic debut The A Capella Cantata .

The Flemish Masters
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In Chicago, the Flemish Masters are available at Hi-Fi Records, Reckless Records, Dr. Wax and The Mystery Spot.
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Others will soon be added.

von lmo.

VON LMO‚s Future Language (fm001) ripped through the space-time continuum in 1981; for those fortunate enough to have been pummeled in its shockwave, Earth muzak would, in comparison, forever seem prosaic and infirm. Recording industry saboteurs destroyed the master tapes in the mid-1980s; VON supplied the Vlaamse Meesters with sealed copies of the original vinyl template. We've faithfully reproduced the sonics of the '81 debut, included 1980's epic no wave slaughtering of the old chestnut "Shake, Rattle and Roll" as a bonus, and galvanized the ungodly thing in a much-improved package. You‚re welcome. For more info on Von click here...

VON LMO reacts to the reissue of Future Language!

Nondor Nevai's The A Capella Cantata (fm002) figuratively posits karaoke-express dementia thru a banallegory of social malaise and marital discord. The one-take performance both explores and exemplifies the love-hate relationship niggas be maintain wit dey mos treasured, be it derived from orifice or artifice. Amongst refracted threats to self and splenetic, tear-clogged taunts, Nevai has included an absurdist, sacerdotal reading of To Live and Shave in L.A.'s "Is This Good for Vulva?" The A Capella Cantata redefines notions of damn my heart is broke; file under HARI-KARAOKE!. You didn't understand one word of that : want it spelled out D'Anglais Rub here...

Shortly thereafter: extraordinary albums from '80s nu-wave enigmas XEX  und die Neue TTHE FYINJG LULTTNBAHCERS double album "TAUMAR" which supposedly soudns like something you would hear on puprose! ABORTED CHRISTCHILDE ep on Nuclear Abominations this spring!!

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