THE RESTAURANTS/NN - The A Capella Cantata (Empty Orchestra)

"you gotta take a life..."

We reckon you've never heard anything quite this pathetic. And we mean that in a good way.

ThThe Restaurants is the obsession of one man destined for stardom and glory. His tools: random audio, a cheap delay unit and his naked soul. The A Capella Cantata is the earthshattering new idiom of this unit - part karaoke, part manifesto, part fine art-<shit> and totally heartwarming. Stay tuned to this site for exclusive audio samples from this amazing release. "Kind of like Robert Shaw conducting Berio's Sequenza XII for Bassoon, but with a much more discrete use of coloratura", ~Emil Hagstrom. ABOUT THE COMPOSER Nondor Nevai is a percussionist, vocalist and composer covertly based near Death Valley. His ouevre includes orchestral improvisation, new-wave/20s revival and trucker music, but concentrates most devotedly on progressive heavy metal, the primary instrumental voice being the string quartet with vocal and percussion obligato. Though he has studied his instrument at schools like New York citiesâ Drummers Collective, Nevai is self-taught in composition and has dedicated his life to the independent study, performance and advancement of ăthat most plastic of artsä, particularly the modern genres that have sprung from the dissemination of psychedelics: acid rock/heavy metal, free-jazz, minimalism and aleatorical musics. His future plans in this direction include the design and construction of a 10-octave player piano, theoretical writings on the entheogenic/extradimensional implications of music/sound (especially the subsonic) and the producing of film-operas like his ăSymphony No.1 (the sexual)ä.

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"Lesiabn Poetry (STAEMATE)" by the Restaurants


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