________________H E A R S A Y or H E R E S Y ?___________________


"True Philosophers Make Dying a Profession" ~ Plato


7 AAarmlessSoldier

everything is highly ordered, there is no chaos only trouble spots, murphy's law is bunk, randdomness is a misconcept. WineDripHalo

possibly the only non-female I would coerce to engage in pornography.

the trouble would be finding the conjoined female for this man, er, men, yes, THESE MEN plural two individuals, YES. stereoopticConjoined PKDquote shemitah

Tom is Swiss, he writes avante-garde heavy metal

He defined it. tomPatch

I ahv the same patch from when it was new in the '70s. hammerPatch Shades



My new Occult Rock Visual Album : A SONG-CYCLE AKTION of BALLETIC MARTIAL ARTS for the Consecration of Uncle Dan's Battery Sapling (Enflam'd)

AVAILABLE on DVD from Hells Headbangers

OR from me


gonzo3 nonHET6 organs13 buns buns5 codpiece2 codpiece3 codpiece1

Freedom of will enfeebled, massa damnata, yetzer hara, sinful lust, hurtful desire, INVOLUNTARY sexual arousal, CONCUPISCENCE.

versus VIRTUE ensconced in her battlements of abstinence. WARHOL IS NOT ONLY TOTAL SHIT BUT DELIBERATELY SO; the conspiracy to debase of FINE ART.



here is the sultry Ma'at with her feather of judgement, her breast exposed like Virgo. IS YOUR (SEXUAL) HEART HEAVIER THAN HER FEATHER??



peccata clamantia, THE FOUR SINS THAT CRY TO HEAVEN FOR VENGEANCE; the blood of Abel, sodomy(??), slavery, injustice to the worker.




Traumatic Inseminatio; injekt sperm and accessory gland fluids into female's blood. She dies in 24 to 48. Direct relationship between the increase of mating and the decrease in her lifespan.





Sexual Cannibalism across taxa is a paternal investment. Male consumption by females serves as a blood meal since they volunteer their soma. Male gift giving spiders are known to provide gifts to females in order to avoid being eaten.





Libido is governed by the mesolimbic dopamine pathway; TESTOSTERONE, ESTROGEN, PROGESTERONE, OXYTOCIN, SEROTONIN, NOREPINEPHRINE, ACETYLCOLINE. She wants it when HER testosterone levels rise from the 24th day peaking on the 13th, the week after that probably don't even ask.

warsex19 c







LUXURIA: when sexual pleasure is "sought for itself, isolated from its procreative an unitive purposes". In Romanesque art LUXURIA is generally feminine, often represented by a siren or a naked woman with breasts being bitten by snakes. Prudentius in his Psychomachia or Battle of the Soul had described

Luxury, lavish of her ruined fame, Loose-haired, wild-eyed, her voice a dying fall, Lost in delight...







FELA KUTI lambasted BILL LASWELL's remix of "Army Arrangement" criticizing the project in the most vehement terms as a C.I.A. attempt to sabotage his music. fela

FELA: "I did not like it. It's not my music, simple as that. I have a reason for everything I write in my music. I'm not writing for commercialism as such. I'm writing African music not only for myself but for the future generations so that they can understand African music. What Bill Laswell has done is not African music the way I hear it."


"Those tapes were badly done, badly played, and all of Fela's horn solos were abysmal. I have no respect for bad musicianship and I have no interest in politics. Fela's solos were erased. We mixed the LP in five minutes as a favor....I would never have produced a record like that, and I would never work with musicians at that low a level...You can talk about Africa and fucking politics for days, but the fact is that [the overdubbed musicians] are high-grade musicians and Fela's in Jail." swill





Another Crass hoax was known as the "Thatchergate tapes", a recording of an apparently accidentally overheard telephone conversation (due to crossed lines). The tape was constructed by Crass from edited recordings of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. On the 'rather clumsily' forged tape, they appear to discuss the sinking of the HMS Sheffield during the Falklands War and agree that Europe would be a target for nuclear weapons in a conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Copies were leaked to the press via a Dutch news agency during the 1983 general election campaign. The U.S. State Department and British Government believed the tape to be propaganda produced by the KGB (as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle and The Sunday Times). Although the tape was produced anonymously, The Observer linked the tape with the band. Previously classified government documents made public in January 2014 under the UK's 'Thirty Year Rule' reveal that the prime minister was personally aware of the tape and had discussed it with her cabinet.

Crass had become a thorn in the side of Margaret Thatcher's government after the Falklands War. Questions about the band in Parliament and an attempted prosecution by Conservative Party MP Timothy Eggar under the UK's Obscene Publications Act for their single, "How Does It Feel...", made them question their purpose:

"We found ourselves in a strange and frightening arena. We had wanted to make our views public, had wanted to share them with like minded people, but now those views were being analysed by those dark shadows who inhabited the corridors of power (…) We had gained a form of political power, found a voice, were being treated with a slightly awed respect, but was that really what we wanted? Was that what we had set out to achieve all those years ago?"

The band had also incurred heavy legal expenses for the Penis Envy prosecution; this, combined with exhaustion and the pressures of living and operating together, finally took its toll









1. Divert the enemy's attention in the opposite direction, so that you can approach him silently from the rear and make your kill, or so that you bypass him unnoticed. Make a noise by throwing stones. Use small parties to attract attention while the main body carries out the envelopment.

2. Draw mines across the road just in front of a hostile vehicle, and kill the crew from ambush as they climb out.

3. Noise-making devices in the vicinity of wire obstacles, as well as the use of dummies, can induce Allied soldiers to open fire. In this way the number and location of hostile weapons can be determined.

4. If it is necessary for you to pretend to be dead, lie down as close as possible to enemy dead until the danger is past or until night has fallen. A helmet pierced by small-arms fire will lend added realism when you are feigning death.

5. Mine deserted trenches.

6.Cut telephone cables at night, and draw one end into an ambush so that hostile linesmen can be killed or captured.

7. By using single rounds from a 20-mm machine gun in an armored car, you can make the enemy think you have a heavy antitank gun.

8.By warming up your vehicle engines, you can imitate the sound of vehicles approaching and departing, and thus can simulate troop movements.

9. Put up boards with "Danger Mines!" and a death's head painted on them. Fence off the area with wire. Make tracks around the resulting dummy minefield, and mine them.:P

10.Patrols using captured vehicles often can achieve surprise. Captured vehicles also can be useful when you are trying to lure hostile soldiers into an ambush. nazi1 nazi1 nazi2 nazi3 nazi4 nazi5

The red man is onboard with esoterik nazism. Dark Thulist Tank sighted on Mars with SS insignia verifying it. The Antarktik Black Theosophy Battallion(s) who abuse the southern portal risk permanent terrestrial exile or eternal disembodyment. Hitler tore the hearts from men and founded Israel, the flag bearing the mer-ka-ba or a trillionaire family crest? The UNKREATED ALLOWS EVIL : The Best Intelligence is to find the weak points in a chain under observation. Rather than reacting to an unobserved break it is preferable to induce one preemptively. The Law of Allowance shows that disallowance is allowed by THE MOST HIGH. "Forgivness Givs by Forgiving".




There is no human activity more intriguing to angels than our making of music. An explanation of why this is so can be found in scripture, the implications of which dare us to challenge all that we know of mankind's never ending need to express the duplicity of his soul.

Angels inhabit the Kingdom of Heaven, and are counted among the heavenly host. Numbered by the Word of God as are grains of sand, they glorify His name with celestial singing that is incomprehensible to earthbound sensibilities. If it can be so explained, the music of Heaven is layers upon layers of interwoven harmonic resplendence, for all who are in Heaven sing an unending song, giving praise to He who "made the earth, whose hands stretched out the heavens, and all their host has He commanded." (Is.45:12)

Lucifer was one of three archangels (Michael and Gabriel being the other two), and no cherub or seraph was allowed closer proximity to the throne of God than these. As Heaven's choir director, it was Lucifer's responsibility to lead the angelic host in worship. Created with instruments of music fashioned into his being: "The workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created..." (Ezek.28:13) He not only conducted the orchestra, he WAS the orchestra.

~T. H. "Sean" Bonniwell IMG_1726







IMG_1591 IMG_1592 IMG_1593 IMG_1594 IMG_1596 IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1600 IMG_1601 IMG_1602 IMG_1603 IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1611 IMG_1612 IMG_1613 IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1620 IMG_1621 IMG_1622 IMG_1623 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1628 IMG_1629 IMG_1630 IMG_1631 IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1638 IMG_1639 IMG_1640 IMG_1641 IMG_1642 IMG_1643 IMG_1644 IMG_1645 IMG_1646 IMG_1647 IMG_1648 IMG_1649 IMG_1650 IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1653 IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1660 IMG_1661 IMG_1662 IMG_1664 IMG_1665 IMG_1666 IMG_1667 IMG_1668 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 IMG_1671 IMG_1672 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1675 IMG_1676 IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1679 IMG_1680 IMG_1681 IMG_1682 IMG_1683 IMG_1684 IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1689 IMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1693 IMG_1694 IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_1699 IMG_1700 IMG_1701 IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1704 IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1715


ark 1 ark 2 ark 3

The Machine knew we were coming. They knew the hour of our birth, to which parents, and the day and place. My mother was bought by my fauther from jesuit preists for a few thousand dollars, just so I could be born at Bethesda Naval Hospital and into you know what. Not to be destroyed, but to use my gifts.

They knew that if we were motivated from the same area the machine was - solar plexus or lower - by greed, avarice, lust for power, and all that, that we would not be able to see or function higher than the lower astral plane, which is the one limitation of darkness. Elements of the Dark Forces have no heart center. As such, they can never rise beyond the sewage of the astral. To circumvent that problem, they grabbed the very brightest lights and kept them in a goody goody world of love and light, keeping our heart centers wide open. We could travel to the akashic, so to say, read the warp and woof of history at will. We could telepathically communicate with anyone we wanted to. Walk through walls. the whole smash.

Our group could do this, because we were raised pure. We were kept focused on the very highest and noblest, the very things they could not stand to be in the presence of. And through the use of intermediarys, learn what they needed from us.

~ DB


"There are a multitude of references in Reverse Speech that refer to Satan as a 'Wolf' or 'Th Angered Wolf'. These appear to parallel the Biblical references to Satan as a roaring Lion. The Rolling Stones song, 'Sympathy for the Devil', which sings directly about Satan and his work, has an extremely clear reversal which says: "The Angered Wolf."

"There is a link in Reverse Speech between 'Nazi' and 'Wolf', Wolves are creatures that have traditionally been associated with Satan and the legend of the werewolf stems from this association. Adolf Hitler means 'noble wolf'. The connection therefore, between 'wolf' and 'Nazi' in Reverse Speech is unsurprising. skyeye

In conclusion, although we are unsure of their exact meanings, it seems evident to us that these archetypal statements in Reverse Speech all point towards a final battle of some sort, between positive and negative forces. We have discovered links in Reverse Speech between Nazism and the New Age movement. 'Whirlwind' is a force of great power and is linked with 'Nazi'. It may also have links with UFOs."

“Thine forward voice, now, is to speak well of thine friend; thine backward voice is to utter foul speeches and to detract.”

Shakespeare/Francis Bacon Insult 3 – The Tempest PhaseTrans Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 19.20.12.png spazzmirror

ultimate new wave pogo jerk dancer Spazz Attack IN the mirror. NN's terror-aktionist ("front man") work is about dance. Iggy was a drummer-as-frontman, they're usually the best/worst kind, because the bombast is ungoverned by a chair and membrane config. music should have dance with it, Dance augments Culture. IMG_1719

don't look at the sunken cheeks from the AIDS medecine. Look at the slits. That is why tho i am comparable to this Iguana, I am not a son of the airforce receiving awards. THANK YHVH.




If everything were to run without a hitch for Lucifer and Ahriman, if they were everywhere able to wrest as much as they wrest from the organ of the head, Earth-evolution would soon reach a point where Lucifer and Ahriman could succeed in destroying our Earth and in leading over all evolution of worlds into the Eighth Sphere, so that Earth-evolution as a whole would take a different course. Hence Lucifer endeavours to unfold his greatest strength of all at the place where man is the most vulnerable, namely, in his head. The stronghold which it is easiest for Lucifer to capture is the human head; and everything that is similar to the head in respect of the distribution of the mineral element, so that it can be drawn out in the same way, is equally exposed to the danger of being despatched into the Eighth Sphere. No less a prospect looms as a consequence of this intention of Lucifer and Ahriman than that the whole evolution of humanity may be allowed to disappear into the Eighth Sphere, so that this evolution would take a different course. ch for Lucifer and Ahriman, if they were everywhere able to wrest as much as they wrest from the organ of the head, Earth-evolution would soon reach a point where Lucifer and Ahriman could succeed in destroying our Earth and in leading over all evolution of worlds into the Eighth Sphere, so that Earth-evolution as a whole would take a different course. Hence Lucifer endeavours to unfold his greatest strength of all at the place where man is the most vulnerable, namely, in his head. The stronghold which it is easiest for Lucifer to capture is the human head; and everything that is similar to the head in respect of the distribution of the mineral element, so that it can be drawn out in the same way, is equally exposed to the danger of being despatched into the Eighth Sphere. No less a prospect looms as a consequence of this intention of Lucifer and Ahriman than that the whole evolution of humanity may be allowed to disappear into the Eighth Sphere, so that this evolution would take a different course. Camel_slaughter

Care had to be taken that not everything in man proceeding from the head can become the prey of Lucifer and Ahriman; that not everything shall depend upon head-activity and the activity of the outward-turned senses, for then Lucifer and Ahriman would have been victors. It was necessary that a counterweight should be created in the domain of earthly life, that there should be in the human being something entirely independent of the head. And this was achieved through the work of the good Spirits of Form, who implanted the principle of Love into the principle of heredity on Earth. That is to say, there is now operative in the human race something that is independent of the head, that passes from generation to generation and has its deepest foundations in the physical nature of man.




Post# 22551 03/14/03 Cbswork

"Yeah, see with orgone around, that which was hidden, becomes visible. Or at least is beginning to become visible. I don't know why that is, other than to speculate. It's all too new.

A shade is an etheric entity with no heart center. They appear as moving shadows in the room and can be Black magicians out and about, psi travelers out on the hunt for the NSA, demonic intelligences. A shade is usually human, and is alive somewhere on the planet. Lots of them about. Because they are using physical plane material to move about in, they can manifest to full body (if trained), can manifest objects like weapons, and take things, move them around and all that.


On occasion I watch the television with the sound muted but the speakers on loud; doing this makes the subliminal sound/picture programming detectable because the percipient is now aware of certain frequencies being employed in coordination with the certain color codings of, say, two contiguous commercials with no overt connection, which can now be understood to be part of a covert sequence. the subliminally-intended sounds coming out of my speakers in the configuration thus described is immediately obvious to be a manner of dissonance warfare, which is unsurprising; it is the use of APPARENTLY NON-SEQUENTAL motion pictures that are surreptitiously feeding a SECRET Psychological CONTEXT that is most telling.



"In addition to visual snow, many of those affected have other types of visual disturbances such as starbursts, increased afterimages, floaters, trails, and many others." IT'S CALLED BEING ABLE TO REALLY SEE, you asshole. "Disturbances"...immediate spin and skew on something WONDERFUL. OF COURSE THERE'S ALL KIND OF CRAZY SHIT INHABITING THE IMMEDIATE METAPHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT OF A HUMAN IN GOD'S KREATIO. sskull 2

"The "cinema" consists of a "light show" of various colors that appear out of the darkness. The light has a form, but those that have seen it find it difficult to describe. Sometimes, the cinema lights resolve into human or other figures.[3] Scientists believe that the cinema is a result of phosphenes combined with the psychological effects of prolonged exposure to darkness. Others have noted a connection between the form the lights take and neolithic cave paintings." sskull 1

Scientists DON'T "believe" SHIT, THAT'S WHY WE HAVE SCIENCE AND MIL INTEL, because bullshit walks. Bullets talk. what i enjoy is accidentally gleaning fascinating info from their Bullshit spin, for example, that the prisoner (herein the eponymous prisoner of "the prisoners cinema" phenomenon whose official description is quoted above) the prisoner, the trucker, the pilot BECOMES CLAIROVOYANT from intense and prolong'd scrutiny. YEAH. GO HUMAN BRAIN!! THE CAVEMAN BECOMES CLAIROVOYANT. ponder this. answer: OF COURSE HE DOES. WHEN YOU'RE 5 MINUTES FROM DEATH ALL. FUCKIN. NIGHT. YOU'RE SEEING and I mean REALLY SEEIN'. noise field disorganized territory

caption for this map: "Things don't REALLY change." XD


S Soldier support is the #1 priority.

N Never say, "it can't be done."

A Accept risk, and allow soldiers to make mistakes.

K Know your soldiers' problems.

E Exact high standards and lead by example.

E Earn your keep - use initiative.

A Acknowledge good deeds publicly; discipline privately.

T Training is not only everything - it is the only thing.

E Encourage employer and family interest and involvement.

R Respect all soldiers, regardless of their rank. snake eater


Roland Barthes distinguishes between physiological noise, which is merely heard, and psychological noise, which is actively listened to. Physiological noise is felt subconsciously as the vibrations of the noise (sound) waves physically interact with the body while psychological noise is perceived as our conscious awareness shifts its attention to that noise. He also notes that sound is an expression of power, and as such, material culture (e.g., fast cars or Harley Davidson motorcycles with aftermarket pipes) tend to have louder engines not only for safety reasons, but for expressions of power by dominating the soundscape with a particular sound. research findings show how not only do soundscapes differ, but they also rather explicitly point to the level of urban development in the area; important findings demonstrates how different sounds of the soundscape are indicative of class differences in urban environments. panda antennae

Noise can have a detrimental effect on wild animals, increasing the risk of death by changing the delicate balance in predator or prey detection and avoidance, and interfering the use of the sounds in communication, especially in relation to reproduction and in navigation. Acoustic overexposure can lead to temporary or permanent loss of hearing. An impact of noise on wild animal life is the reduction of usable habitat that noisy areas may cause, which in the case of endangered species may be part of the path to extinction. Noise pollution may have caused the death of certain species of whales that beached themselves after being exposed to the loud sound of military sonar. photon charyt

Noise also makes species communicate more loudly, which is called Lombard vocal response. Scientists and researchers have conducted experiments that show whales' song length is longer when submarine-detectors are on. If creatures do not "speak" loudly enough, their voice will be masked by anthropogenic sounds. These unheard voices might be warnings, finding of prey, or preparations of net-bubbling. When one species begins speaking more loudly, it will mask other species' voice, causing the whole ecosystem eventually to speak more loudly.

European robins living in urban environments are more likely to sing at night in places with high levels of noise pollution during the day, suggesting that they sing at night because it is quieter, and their message can propagate through the environment more clearly. The same study showed that daytime noise was a stronger predictor of nocturnal singing than night-time light pollution, to which the phenomenon often is attributed.

Zebra finches become less faithful to their partners when exposed to traffic noise. This could alter a population's evolutionary trajectory by selecting traits, sapping resources normally devoted to other activities and thus leading to profound genetic and evolutionary consequences.


1888 Blavatsky "secret doctrine"

1909 SIS

1913 Jung breaks with Freud with Libido theory including collective unconcsious, mysticism, occult and mythic psychic archetypes, free association, i see wisdom inherent in that process. Freud= Life/Death. Jung= Birth/Rebirth.

1914 - 1918 WW1 : TAVISTOCK PRECURSOR: Wellington House : Propaganda promoting the English : Kipling, HG Wells, Conan Doyle,

1919 - Freuds double nephew, Bernays combines psychology of Freud on promotion, advertising, PR. Propaganda codified and applied scientifically.

1973 - first Psychotronic conference in Prague.

1975 - cable tv

1976 - apple computer


A MATRIX is a place (Dreamland) from which something grows, acknowledging the unconscious both personal and social, including the critical feelings and emotions of the participants. A group is bounded by a universe of meaning but a Matrix is is open and facilitates a multi-verse of meaning. Divergent thinking is possible in the Matrix, a generative working hypothesis with intellectual and spiritual qualities. OFTEN THE 'UNTHOUGHT KNOWN' OF A SYSTEM IS VOICED, THE 'SECRET' THAT IS RECOGNIZED BUT NOT SPOKEN AS A FACTOR OF BEING IN THE SYSTEM.







uses a great deal, and possibly understanding how He understands these terms, may help His few co-researchers visiting here in understanding the intent. See, if you are reading this, know that He writes for less than a dozen people, mainly. These people are doers, servers and fighters for freedom. They know who they are. They are also co-researchers into orgone and its VISIBLE effects upon the world; which is His work at hand right now, recording these visible effects. It's His job in the whole thing. As it is all of ours, really. Record, take notes, use your camera. That's all He does, in the final analysis. The rest took care of itself.

Human Being: Created Being. Higher Self, Soul matrix, 7 centers. Humonoid, Adamic DNA. Heart center-fulcrum-being, with potential to Higher, going inward. Heart connection to Diety potential, if pursued in life.

Angel or Deva: Created Being. Of 12 grades or classifications. Manages the first two heavens and physical 3-D. Can be anything from a lower grade, 3 center angel, to a 12 centered, ARCH-ANGEL. They live and move and have their beingness among the seven elements of creation, of which humanity only knows of four, and is learning the fifth, or element of SPIRIT. The previous four being earth, water, wind, fire. The devas manage creation and are the spirit INSIDE matter. The higher angels in each element have TOTAL MASTERY over that element.

Off-worlder: Any being not a native to Terra or Earth.

FED: Any man, woman, or "child" under the conscious (agent) or unconscious (MKULTRA) control of any intelligence apparattus.

Etheric entities: People, beings, light-beings, life-forms, flora, and fauna of the etheric plane. Includes off-worlders, angels, dieties of varying stripes, dead people, living people, dimensional zone shift beings, et al. Can be positive or negative being (negs).

Undine: Angel who serves in the element of Water.

Sylph: Angel who serves in the element of Wind.

Salamandar: Angel who serves in the element of Fire.

Gnome: Angel who serves in the element of Earth.

Reptilian Being (elite): Perfect example is, Lisa Marie Presley. Get pics of her, whenever you can. This should be easy, because she is so very famous. Study her face closely. See the jaw, how it always comes to a perfect needle point? ICE blue, cold-steel eyes or Black eyes, completely devoid of any light. Perfect chisled features, very sexually inviting male or female form. These are the elite in the world, the so-called Jet-Set society. Beautiful to a pain, but always the same, repeatable features among their few types. All other reptilians, grays, hybrids, human sell-outs, bend a knee to this level. Fortuneatly, they are the fewest in number of them all. And, they are the top-controllers in the Dark Game, Bar None, save from the Beast Itself. Their beauty burns up quickly, my research has turned up. The women wear esp engineered and beautiful bodies, but by the time most of them are 35 years of age, they look horrible. Example: Farrah Fawcett Majors, reptoid elite. Five center being. Many have wings, putting them on par with the dracs, which is what they are really, more than reptilian. Both species are lizards, so to humanoids like us, I guess it doesn't matter much. Hive consciousness being, with animal telepathy among themselves and those under their control: grays, reptoids, hybrids, other elites, the possessed, and those under MKultra, with demons installed in their solar plexus. These are ALL takers of human life, usually infants and children. They kill and eat us to survive: ritual torture of pre-teen virgins. They have 13 bloodlines on this planet, with endless variations, all reptilian. However, they are limited in number to the original Sumerian shitbirds who betrayed LOVE, all that long ago, and earlier, in Atlantis, when they ruled it with their TEN kingdoms from hell. These need to be dealt with. They are the masters of all evil on this planet. They are THE WILL of darkness and how it acts out among our kind. Think about that for a day or so. They are Fallen Angels. They are Al Pacino, Lisa Marie, Michael Jackson, etc. They are the damned, vampyre. They can take over human beings (who have lost their Higher Self, through some horrid debasing act) but usually are the spawn of a being known as Pindar and some breeder elite visa-vie the Incubus Ritual - sex with the undead, or a demonic etheric being. Lisa Marie was such a spawn. Shapeshifters. Can even go completely invisible, right in front of you, and you wouldn't see it, its that fast. Very proficient in all the Darkest Arts. These are also known as Arch-demons.

Reptilian Being (reptoid) : Lower Fallen angels, same as the above. These are spawn from other hybrids, not necessarily elite stock. Reptoid mates with a woman with a great deal of Atlantean DNA in her bloodline and you get one of these things. Lots of that around. Lots. Demonic soul instead of heart center.

Grey: Troglodytes of Hell. What happens when you can get a lower grade angel to betray Spiritos? More Borg than living being, totally under control of Reptoids, and despised by the galaxy as parastic vampires of the lowest order. Droid workers, killers, and very little "self" in their self. Chinese and Japanese breeders are used for Gray Hybrids, as has been the case for thousands of years. Ever wonder why the big symbol of the Chinese culture is a RED DRAGON. That's the Beast, dude. And you don't even want to know about the REAL origins of the Chinese empire, do you? I didn't. I was sick for a week. They are the worker bees of evil. The lowest thing you can be as a human soul, is a Chinese breeder of grays for the CIA. A specialty, especially in Los Angeles, where over half a million grey hybrids are now growing up all over the county.


tibetan 2

It's a technological melee fraught with surveillance, secrecy, cloaks and daggers. It is a game of constantly looking over your shoulder. It is a game of lower density and the gross manipulation of matter. It is rational and logical. It is linear and deceptive.

It is based on illusion.

Tell me what a fifth dimensional being has to fear from fourth dimensional off-worlders?

What does a fourth dimensional being have to fear from third dimensional Satanists or technology?

It is true that a third dimensional gun can kill the physical vehicle of a 5D being stone cold dead.

But it takes a 3D mind to pull the trigger, and 3D minds cannot hold a candle to the hurricane of a being fully in their 5D power!

All of you reading this have Angelic Council that are here to assist you in this lifetime, and this is something that the grays and many others cannot perceive, because they lack the wisdom. This council and the consciousness that you bring into this life are the wild cards. Many of you are simply not operating by the same rules and laws that bound you in previous incarnations. The veil is lifting and Orgonite is assisting with this process.

Can you feel this happening?

It is why you paid the price of admission.

Ah hah, you might say? This explains the frantic attempts to pervert the energies of our Earth Mother, of its population, of the Schumann Resonance. Yes, we are leaving 3D and 4D behind, and the Regime is upset that it cannot join the party. So, let us just keep the minions at a lower frequency, so we can all play in the same sand box.

Are you tired of the school bully extorting your lunch money day after day?

Are you weary of the secrecy, the covert manipulation, and the lies?

I am.

I am stepping out of the sand box and moving to a new play-ground where the Regime cannot bring their weapons or spells; a place that exists beyond their reach; a place they are powerless to control;

A place they are powerless.

And so I offer this challenge to the Armies of Darkness, to the feeble, robed incompetents of the GWB, and their child-killing dogs of war:

Stop me if you can. I defy you to kill this body. Send your best assassins.

Despite your billions in worthless fiat currency, you cannot buy what I have. You cannot claim purchase to the scintillating treasure that lies within me:

The power of the Creator. My connection to the God of my Heart. My Faith.

There are those here now, aligned with the Army of Angels. With open hearts and the power of the God within they shall lay waste to all that is evil, all that is unjust, all that is impure. They are untouchable and protected by energies at the highest levels. They are in union with the Chariot Beings, the Guardians of the Holy Throne and the carriers of the Seal of David. They are the Spiritual Special Forces.

~6ddude / Marc Melton



Sigmund Freud in his 1927 essay Humour (Der Humor) puts forth the following theory of the gallows humor: "The ego refuses to be distressed by the provocations of reality, to let itself be compelled to suffer. It insists that it cannot be affected by the traumas of the external world; it shows, in fact, that such traumas are no more than occasions for it to gain pleasure." Some other sociologists elaborated this concept further. At the same time, Paul Lewis warns that this "relieving" aspect of gallows jokes depends on the context of the joke: whether the joke is being told by the threatened person themselves or by someone else. IMG_1457

Gallows humor has the social effect of strengthening the morale of the oppressed and undermines the morale of the oppressors. According to Wylie Sypher, "to be able to laugh at evil and error means we have surmounted them." IMG_1458

Gallows humor is a natural human instinct and examples of it can be found in stories from antiquity. Its use was widespread in middle Europe, from where it was imported to the United States as part of Jewish humor. It is rendered with the German expression Galgenhumor. The concept of gallows humor is comparable to the French expression rire jaune, which also has a Germanic equivalent in the Belgian Dutch expression groen lachen (lit. green laughing). IMG_1459

In Freud's view, jokes (the verbal and interpersonal form of humor) happened when the conscious allowed the expression of thoughts that society usually suppressed or forbade. The superego allowed the ego to generate humor. A benevolent superego allowed a light and comforting type of humor, while a harsh superego created a biting and sarcastic type of humor. A very harsh superego suppressed humor altogether IMG_1460



Mirror: These are words whose numeric value is a digit by digit reflection. For example, the numeric value of "Rose" is 57, whereas the numeric value of "Thorn" is 75. Mirrors are things that belong together, either as compliments or as opposites. Like a thorn to a rose, mirrors are often unrelated in what they offer, but inextricably connected nonetheless. Words are sometimes thought of as the allies or enemies of their mirrors SchoolgirlNinjaHarlemsupplex.gif

Other clairvoyants have described the etheric realm as a mirror world, not only in mirroring the physical when, say, the etheric body has similar morphology to the physical it enlivens, but that very often perception shows things as reversed - reversed in time, reversed in space. I’m getting ahead of myself, but that phenomenon appears to involve more the parts of the etheric that blend into the astral, complicated by the fact that what we see with second sight is what our mind decodes of the energy patterns constituting etheric life-forms, and it is therefore biased by our own personal lexicon of symbolic visuals. Although relatively speaking, what you see of the etheric is closer to its actual reality than what you would see in the astral. corpus

Another thing to notice is that if the etheric realm is indeed a mirror world in every sense of the term, where time intervals do run opposite those of the physical, then it sheds further light on how it can bias probability. Probabilities deal with probable futures and to shape quantum events means to have these be attracted toward certain probable futures and repelled from others. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this attraction and repulsion seems to come from those probable futures. Some type of resonant action between the current quantum system and the most strongly attracted probable future helps that future manifest. This resonance is encoded in the etheric field, and it acts upon the physical by pulling on it from the direction of the future - meaning it is an influence that originates in our perceived future and flows backward in time. Astral Physics and Timespace by MONTALK


In programming for telephony, concatenation is used to provide dynamic audio feedback to a user. For example, in a "time of day" speaking clock, concatenation is used to give the correct time by playing the appropriate recordings concatenated together. For example: "At the tone the time will be" "Eight" "Thirty" "Five" "and" "Twenty" "Two" "Seconds" The recordings themselves exist separately, but playing them one after the other provides a grammatically correct sentence to the listener. Cylindre_de_Leibniz_anime


cinema 1 cinema 2


NORBERT WIENER: "...This recognition of an element of incomplete determinism, almost an irrationality in the world, is in a certain way parallel to Freud's admission of a deep irrational component in human conduct and thought. In the present world of political as well as intellectual confusion, there is a natural tendency to class Gibbs, Freud, and the proponents of the modern theory of probability together as representatives of a single tendency; yet I do not wish to press this point. The gap between the Gibbs-Lebesgue way of thinking and Freud's intuitive but somewhat discursive method is too large. Yet in their recognition of a fundamental element of chance in the texture of the universe itself, these men are close to one another and close to the tradition of St. Augustine.. For this random element, this organic incompleteness, is one which without too violent a figure of speech we may consider evil; THE NEGATIVE EVIL WHICH ST AUGUSTINE CHARACTERIZES AS INCOMPLETENESS, RATHER THAN THE POSITIVE MALICIOUS EVIL OF THE MANICHAEANS. my caps.



In architectural parlance, the dado is the lower part of a wall, below the dado rail and above the skirting board. The word is borrowed from Italian meaning "die" (as an architectural term) or plinth.


The plot centers on the town of South Park, which has been overrun by hippies. Eric Cartman states "Hippies can't stand death metal" and proceeds to drill through a hippie concert onto the main stage to change the audio to "Raining Blood", making the hippies run away. King found the episode humorous and expressed his interest in the show ending the interview with "It was good to see the song being put to good use, if we can horrify some hippies we've done our job." "Angel of Death" also appears in several movies, including Gremlins 2, at the point when the character Mohawk turns into a spider, and in the 2005 Iraq War documentary Soundtrack to War. Slayer embarked on the Reign in Pain tour with the bands Overkill in the United States and Malice in Europe; they also served as the opening act for W.A.S.P.'s U.S. tour in 1987. In late November 1986, drummer Lombardo quit the band; he said: "I wasn't making any money. I think I had just gotten married, and I figured if we were gonna be doing this professionally—on a major label—I wanted my rent and utilities paid." To continue the tour Slayer enlisted Whiplash drummer Tony Scaglione. Rubin called Lombardo daily to insist he return, telling him: "Dude, you gotta come back in the band." Rubin offered Lombardo a salary, but he was still hesitant about returning; at this point Lombardo had been out of the band for several months. Lombardo's wife convinced him to return in 1987; Rubin came to his house and picked him up in his Porsche, taking him to a Slayer rehearsal.





Over the years there has been some dispute as to the best definition of feedback. According to Ashby (1956), mathematicians and theorists interested in the principles of feedback mechanisms prefer the definition of circularity of action, which keeps the theory simple and consistent. For those with more practical aims, feedback should be a deliberate effect via some more tangible connection. "[Practical experimenters] object to the mathematician's definition, pointing out that this would force them to say that feedback was present in the ordinary pendulum ... between its position and its momentum—a 'feedback' that, from the practical point of view, is somewhat mystical. To this the mathematician retorts that if feedback is to be considered present only when there is an actual wire or nerve to represent it, then the theory becomes chaotic and riddled with irrelevancies." Focusing on uses in management theory, Ramaprasad (1983) defines feedback generally as "...information about the gap between the actual level and the reference level of a system parameter" that is used to "alter the gap in some way." He emphasizes that the information by itself is not feedback unless translated into action. The terms positive and negative feedback are defined in different ways within different disciplines : 1. the altering of the gap between reference and actual values of a parameter, based on whether the gap is widening (positive) or narrowing (negative). 2. the valence of the action or effect that alters the gap, based on whether it has a happy (positive) or unhappy (negative) emotional connotation to the recipient or observer.



The origin of sound collage can be traced back to the works of Biber's programmatic sonata Battalia (1673) and Mozart'sDon Giovanni (1789), and some critics have described certain passages in Mahler symphonies as collage, but the first fully developed collages occur in a few works by Charles Ives, whose piece Central Park in the Dark, composed in 1906, creates the feeling of a walk in the city by layering several distinct melodies and quotations on top of each other. Thus, the use of collage in music actually predates its use in painting by artists like Picasso and Braque, who are generally credited with creating the first collage paintings around 1912. Earlier traditional forms and procedures such as the quodlibet, medley, potpourri, and centonization differ from collage in that the various elements in them are made to fit smoothly together, whereas in a collage clashes of key, timbre, texture, meter, tempo, or other discrepancies are important in helping to preserve the individuality of the constituent elements and to convey the impression of a heterogeneous assemblage. What made their technique true collage, however, was the juxtaposition of quotations and unrelated melodies, either by layering them or by moving between them in quick succession, as in a film montage sequence.


cyclops dolphin brain space debris



The Great Minds of Cyber-Gnosticism: Norbert Wiener, John Lilly, Philip Kindred Dick, Manuel De Landa Finite_subdivision_of_a_radial_link

John Lilly: Have you seen the movie Tron? You must, because Tron is us. In it, the computer grabs the character played by Jeff Bridges and takes him inside, making him a program In the computer. The Master Control Program revolts, takes over the computer, and defies the users. So the users send in Tron, which is a program to destroy the Master Control Program that is preaching disbelief in the users. Tron shows you things that are very, very spiritual. You can think of yourself as a biocomputer or an intelligent terminal, run by a cosmic computer in the Earth Coincidence Control Office. The biocomputer contains certain wired-in survival programs dealing with eating, reproduction, and so on, which lower animals also possess. But when the biocomputer reaches a certain threshold of complexity, there are higher-level programs in the association cortex that permit such things as making models, learning to learn, choice, and so forth. We have short-term choices, but God help you if you go against the Master Control Program. A terminal cannot understand itself, because it lacks sufficient space, but a replica of itself is in the cosmic computer, which can understand it. At the highest level, your true self (the "user" in Tron) is a cosmic game player, with access to an infinite computer -- the ECCO computer. That is metaprogramming, self-metaprogramming.


IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0199 IMG_0203 how to tell if your brianwashed.


WMM back cov

MAIL FROM PETER HOFF : I could never be so presumptuous as to actually believe that I could "understand " WMM any more than I understand, say "women " or "life " or whatever, but there are rewards in the journey. And pain, which I'm not quite ready to give up. NN: It is possible for understanding to reach much further than so-called authorities would allow you to realize.

PH: First, let me recap my understanding of the technical details. The number of hands in the title refers to a five-step gradation of human-mechanical interaction. 1-hand: all pitches theoretically physically reachable by a single hand, but tempo may be modified; 2-hands: real-time human performance; 3: not clear if 2 hands in real time with programmed fugal voice and tempo modifications,

NN: 1 and 2 are correct, 3 is correct but there are no modifications other than taking one of the two hands in real time, copying it and delaying the placement of the copy to create fugue. 4 is the only piece that is 100% composed in midi software, no keys touched and 5 is taking the tempo-modified hands-in-real-time of 1 and spreading it out over the entire keyboard.

PH: player pianos which employs a mechanical device to physically strike the keys according to the velocity specifications in the file...and pedaling instructions, apparently. I'm not a salesman for that company. Thus, while you did not have to cart an old style roll around, you did require the physical presence of a real piano. The choice of an antiquated piece of technology to serve as your interface is reminiscent of a "steampunk" aesthetic (sorry!), but also points to cultural predecessors such as Nancarrow and even old west clichés, not to mentiom the "ghostly" aura of a disembodied performer. This enabled you, however, to compose directly to the resonant

NN: yes, all of these references are germane, and yes, it had to be an acoustic midi-capable playerpianoforte with laptop and attendant software attached. 88 notes, 3 pedals, and 50 degrees of velocity. Notice that Sonata 1 by 1 Hand begins with high-velocity (hard hit) pedals struck BEFORE any notes are played to be altered by them

PH: properties of that particular piece of furniture, er, instrument. I see what you mean with regard to the composer having nowhere to hide with a solo piano piece. The only way to fill empty space is with pure tone. You can articulate hard or soft, fast or slow release, pedal, etc, but you can't bend, add vibrato, fade in or get louder, do a harmonic or a pick slide or overblow, etc.

NN: Precisely. It's all pure notes; there's no timbre or noise mixed in with the note value. This means if your melodies or harmonies aren't good it's immediately obvious. On an heavily distorted guitar melodic writing is much more forgiving.

PH: At it's top level, WMM is an exposition of its composer's philosophical and artistic concerns about conceptual opposites, especially the unity of opposites, or at least the appearance of such unity, like that in the alchemical union of man and machine. I bet it was hard to explain to chicks. Here are my notes on the Sonatas: 1. The piece begins with the sound of a piano roll loading. A single bionic hand seems to familiarize itself with its newfound prowess there is an improvisational feel to the proceedings fast diatonic tremolo lines give way to alternating intervals settling on an alternating fourth-minor third pattern with contrary motion which becomes a motif that undergoes rhythmic transformations of a permutational nature, possibly even utilizing an underlying talea scheme. This becomes hypnotic but it suddenly disrupted by a spastic virtuoso accelerando which settles into a pastoral texture, modulating back to a darker key...when the Roll Runs Out. Why?

NN: The hypnotic contrary motion is an example of a melodic palindrome where the rhythm and the melody are indivisable, AND playable by a single human hand. The accelerando introduces the inhuman aspect of the sonata cycle and the conclusive modulation simply a concise resolution.

PH: 2. Opens with much more intricate beautiful pedaled Prelude. more chromatic, more resonant. An almost post romantic theme is introduced. the cyborg virtuoso pulls up its sleeves and digs into a dramatic Fanfare which quickly is deconstructed into its pentatonic, almost beefheartian skeleton, a percussive alternation of voices which is permuted in ways analogous to that of the composer's improvised extreme drum Work, featuring shifting accents and daring hocketing schemes. But as before, the process is disrupted when the cyborg can't help but go ape s***, almost comedically mocking the riff at hyperspeed. Things become even more frenetic at 2 minutes 40 when restrictions are removed, especially harmonically, as the whole chromatic is pumped through the talea machine. Again self-destructive spasmodic athletic episodes, also a structural tendency notable in the composer's rock drum outbursts, are apparent. At 4 minutes 30, more melodic still highly rhythmic material is developed again featuring disruptions in tempo. At 5 minutes 30 a chirpy build up 2 dissonant harmonic cross relations between hands creates a glossalia effect... continued after a dramatic pause until a new Motif is introduced...a kind of perverse puppet dance. again this riff is disrupted rudely via tempo exaggeration at 7 Minutes 30, a very impressive transitional interlude takes place, once again descending into self-mockery after about 1 minute. The piece tries to end with a consonant recap of the main theme and unexpectedly manages to do so, ending however with a sorrowful modulation. The extra hands available in this piece don't really seem to "help out" much. Frequently they are the source of the disruptive material that partially sculpts the form.

NN: Yes, perverse, mocking abrupt, terse, RUDELY anti-biological...can music be lush and romantic in a brutal way? This piece insists yes.

PH: 3. Four Hands. Percussive locomotive riff in extreme registers. Denser hocketing, partitioning voices very much like a drum kit, assigning feral clusters to each limb. Brave accent shifts. Could be the reimaging of a midi file of one of the composer's drum workouts a la biomekanikal drum n bass. Uncanny voices can be heard at 4 minutes 45 where the cyborg presumes to become more harmonically advanced, adopting more atonal or possibly serial pitch selection. Decomposes into a beautifully written lyrical exposition featuring more single notes in the voices for a time, until the player again can't resist going into hyperspeed...not as persistently this time though... and the true theme is finally revealed in the final phrase.

NN: Yes, pianoforte as percussion simulacrum, pure rhythm at the expense of melody and chordal structure in which the sum and the parts are of equal import. the second passage takes diversity of performance into extremes, with exaggerated rests and chordal, diad and single note emphasis, almost a physical test of the playerpianoforte's dynamic versatility.

PH: 4. The Most Human, my favorite of the sonatas...while certainly rhythmic, more expressively rubato in nature. It is almost incredible that this is not played by a human, particularly when considering the quantized nature of midi. writing is reminiscent of alban berg or Paul Hindemith...freely modulating and using rampant chromatic alterations but still with local tonality. features impressive hedonistic Counterpoint. That was a voice recognition error, but I'll stand by it! very resonant uses all kinds of Developmental devices. the expected disruption of tempo never materializes...the piece ends with a calm optimism. 5. Two hands. The composer calls this the most risky of the sonatas. This piece is most troubling, particularly in light of the Revelation that it was physically performed by the composer who professes steadfastly to not be a keyboard player. Also it is disturbing in that in many ways this piece has the least human feel at least of numbers 5 thru 2. Technically the piece is ambitious and performed marvelously. But the writing seems to lack the inspired sense of development of the other sonatas. the transformations seem forced, more mekanikal ...e.g.the back and forth between major and minor at 7 minutes 15. both and thus neither. The peace returns to the pentatonic theme of the opening 5 Hands Sonata and finally actually resolves but then it's destroyed by a Husqvarna. Who holds the saw? Why?

NN: Excellent analysis, very much proving what I sought to express. Taking the "nowhere to hide" agenda of writing for solo piano one step further into tightrope-walking improvisational writing by a non-pianist in trance. During the month I was writing this Sonata in North Hollywood, I was practicing not only playing but letting my hands play independent of my mind...as if of their own accord. I don't remember actually playing this piece (No.2 by 2 Hands) I only remember sort of coming to --opening my closed eyes-- as my hands made that last retrograde statement and thinking I was striking UPWARD rather than DOWNWARD (toward the floor) and realizing that (with my eyes now open) "Down" was DOWNWARD and the Sonata was over. It had quite literally finished itself. The Chainsaw is a microscherzo bringing the whole cycle back to "Wood" and "Machine" but in the least musical and most brutal way. I was doing ALOT of woods clearing around the time this was recorded.

PH: Of course this final piece is the key to the okkult meaning of the sonatas. the decision to compose and then "enter a trance state" to perform a piece which is deliberately "less substantial" than the others is ironic to say the least. Clearly, you could have chosen to have the cyborg play it too...after all, it is a player piano album. This self-deprecation is a reflection of the hyper-disruptive elements of the musical surface. Furthermore, I would assume that this performance detail is not available to the "usual " consumer of this material, which is even more obfuscatory.

NN: Yes...a sharp-eared musician or pianist may detect that Sonata No. 2 is the only totally biological performance but it is not explained.

PH: I haven't come to final conclusion as to the message of the work, in part because I am new to your canon, and am gradually triangulating your location. Was Nandor possesed by dmt machine elves and forced to perform? Is it a cautionary tale about attempting to merge oneself with a machine? Or is it inevitable? Will our "human" qualities themselves lead to our demise?

NN: Consult Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man; the human form is a divine template, not a random biproduct of evolution. By denigrating humankind, anti-human dark dorces do war on the minds of men so they doubt their spiritual legacy.


"HARD MUSIC REQUIRED STABLE CONSTRUCTIONS! (which didn't exist in 1976) [by] Pade Schletzer" Pades Drums
"So it was obvious that the drums needed to be adapted and, of course, one had to build them. Even as a child, I had seen drums and bassdrums in every trash can/oil barrel/ventilation pipe. The yearly collection day for bulky refuse in our area (it was like Christmas) became the most important self service store for the raw materials I needed for my kettles. Sanitary pipes with clamp systems from the warehouse industry fastened onto a main base plate became the world's first drum rack that could withstand the demands of the new musical style. That was how I developed the first trash-punk-oil-barrel-drum (and it probably wouldn't be the last). The gratification was immense and has lent me the strength and enthusiasm, to this very day, after 30 years, to work on the evolution of drums and music on a daily basis. THANKS TO PUNK!!"


G. I. Gurdjieff's teachings
mentioned a "Universal Brotherhood" and also a mysterious group of monks called the Sarmoung (also: Sarman, Sarmouni). Both groups were described as in possession of advanced knowledge and powers, and as being open to suitable candidates from all creeds. He also believed in advanced kinds of humans called "man number 6" and "man number seven", of whom he said:- "They cannot perform actions opposed to their understanding or have an understanding which is not expressed by actions. At the same time there can be no discords among them, no differences of understanding. Therefore their activity is entirely co-ordinated and leads to one common aim without any kind of compulsion because it is based upon a common and identical understanding".

And these Sarmoung are both incarnate and discarnate, telepathically enjoined. The discarnate adepts have transcended physical death, their entity is intact posthumously. These "men who death forgot" are touched on in the mind of the public by the discarnate Obi Wan Kenobi (Lucas code for 'O.B.E. one can O.B.E.'; Lucas and Spielberg attended the Monroe Institute in the '70s). They're watching us. After my DMT revelation I realized the concept of government is real and total and that our earthly government is merely a dense extremity.


GLYPTO alb Kuvr 2 attachment size

hyperblasting: a very brief histoire
in the mid '90s, during the time of ABORTED CHRIST CHILDE, i was into getting more and more "pro" in my drum technique; mor and mor difficult beatwriting and further and further into extended technique virtuosity; heel-toe on the foot pedal and gravity blasting on the snare. Bands like the used-to-be-good CARCASS were "focusing more on heavyness" meaning 'growing up' and NOT being obsessed with EXTREMITY any more. "I'm going the opposite way..", i thought, "..the older i get the more extreme the formal aspects" and thats when i knew i would develop hyperblasting, that is, writing that BEGAN at 32nds and moved up to 64ths, in combination with other instruments to achieve 128ths, possibly 256ths (Tim Dahl achieved 256ths in 2014 in my production of GoV). however, after about half a year of playing this heel-toe and gravity stuff live and in recording i came to accept that it's NOT HARD, meaning the impact and attendant REAL AMPLITUDE is lacking; the performance methodology is morphing into something insectoid, yes, but moving AWAY from HARD ROCK and I dont know about you but that's where i draw the line. the Extreme Metal i play and write is HARD, being a descendent of HARD ROCK and if it ain't i ain't playing it. No too-fancy WEATHER REPORT metal from me. that's when i abandoned the Derek Roddy 'EXPERT extreme Metal guy' thing entirely in favor of being a feral basher playing in a crude yet inhuman manner (Derek is a gentleman I've had the pleasure of knowing and my term for 'hyperblasting' differs from his own use which I call 'Hammer blasting'). FERAL BASHING is SCARIER and without that Overbearing SMASHING delivery, the music tends to get too 'PRECIOUS' .SO . i kept the hyperblasting agenda but it HAD TO BE HARD AND LOUD AND MORE ACOUSTIC NOT LESS. hence the felt-headed classical mallets, and hence the NOT using triggers, but going in the opposite direction, designing membranophones that were themselves LOUDER (hence aircraft grade aluminum shells and larger diameters). this is a crucial distinction because i always intended to pursue that microgenre of Progressive Technical Death Metal call'd BIOMECHANICAL DEATH METAL. Now all Technical DM IS biomechanical because the extended technique, the instrumental rigor is inherently a MECHANIZED method (speed, highly ordered precision, etc.) of BIOLOGICAL performance (by brains, hands and feet), but BIOMECH DM is acutely, contrivedly so. The origin of this microgenre can be found in (1967) Tucson's


where i'm going with this is in BIOMECH DM there's a gradient of degrees of BIOMECHANIZATIO, and, for me, a fork in the road regarding specific arrangements. Creative use of a drum machine is more BIOMECH than acoustic drums, and, as I mentioned in my analysis of

INDRICOTHERE (new album!)

It is indeed rare, IMO, that the use of a drum machine/programming is PREFERABLE and/or even OPTIMAL in a musical arrangement. At first one might think the use of drum machines would be the most BIOMECH, but it turns out that the use of Triggers is the most BIOMECH of the three possible arrangements as it is literally a synthesis of biology and the mechanized. The least BIOMECH of these three possible percussion instrumentations is the one in which the execution/instrumentation is purely acoustic and only the FORM (beats and manner of executio) is mechanized. So despite my conviction to develop BIOMECHANICAL DEATH METAL into it's most concentrated form, I decided to take the left road at the fork and go hard-core ACOUSTIC/BIOLOGICAL because in my ouevre the HARDNESS is an higher priority than the MECHANICAL. Above pictur'd is the cover of the debut GLYPT0GL055I0 album wherein Colin Marston has proficiently captured the sound and presence of my tympanic battery config; but there is an additional element, necessitated by my arrangement choice, that needs to be heard underneath the acoustic roar; the drum and snare require an auxiliary mix of their own which synæsthesiologically expresses a psychoacoustic moiré pattern to the ear/mind. their acousticness should be reduced to an endaural signature that is binary in report, meaning either there (and loud) or not there with no amplitude gradient. I am detailing these specifics because RECENT competition has recorded this beat better than I hav ever managed and is introducing it to a much wider audience. The success of this recent competition in delivering this beat AUDIBLY is welcome in that Technical Death Metal is and will remain highly competetiv. Finally, I will thank Colin and Eliane for amazing collaboration, and a rapport that exemplifies Psi, with themes, memes and an agenda shared without words; OUR "oracle machine is oracular". ~NN


nevRest spine

Hybristomusicology is my own coining of the study of the music of criminals. THE RESTAURANTS is a surrealist rap project that emulates the form of the 12" A Capella version of a rap/hip hop single. Rap is natively an A Capella form, that is, plainchant, and thus all extravocal arrangements are arguably superfluous(and performed and/or financed by criminals). The A Capella version of a rap single implies that materials's availability to be remixed or added to. Working from this assumption, THE RESTAURANTS apply stolen backing material to their vocal tracks so that it is paradoxically both superfluous and not superfluous. The first LP, The A Capella Cantata ("Empty Orchestra") applied stolen backing material (sampled or appropriated) to lyrics written in my youth and to assinine reversals of the lyrical content lifted from the lyric sheet inserts of the stolen material. The second LP was releas'd as supplementary (new) music on a "Best of..." compilation; Weasel Walter TOOK the A Capella vocals produc'd by Rat Bastard and added his own arrangement without consent and with an imperious impunity that methodologically authenticated itself as being of this project. Weasel, what's the official title of our "..Young Girls.." session? The third LP was produc'd by Om Myth and is entitled "Hirtenlieder"; in a novel approach that still galvanizes the larcenous operational technique of THE RESTAURANTS, Myth re-appropriated A Capella vocals of his own poetry and, in an admirable and savvy surrealist-audio asskick, added backing material consisting entirely of copyright infringements in deft collage. The surrealist rap methodology enjoyed it's tertiary development in that Myth stole his own lyrics back, then added stolen music, which the vocalist then re-stole from him in that until now Myth was probably unaware that this release even was THE RESTAURANTS. The fourth stage is now upon us as Chud Fusk and NN engage in dual lead raps blindly overdubbed with the naked rhythm section of a nameless duo serving up some kind of CAMEO-inspired DC Go Go No wavishness. What material was stolen in this latest effort that would verify the release as authentically THE RESTAURANTS you don't ask? Well, first the raps themselves were lazily nicked off of the most embarrassing Public Service Announcement-type websites while under a dangerous degree of Codeine poisoning. Thence the instrumental backing material was added ("blindly overdubbed" so the sequence is entirely aleatorical) but without the rappers realizing the project was THE RESTAURANTS until after they monitored the mix for the first time, at which point it was stolen by THE RESTAURANTS and proclaimed to be theirs. The name of this surrealist rap group is based on the fact that any music that CAN be played in a RESTAURANT (STING, PHIL COLLINS, PET SHOP BOYS, KENNY G, CINDY LAUPER, AMAZULU maybe even the GYPSY KINGS?) is total shit.

You are Now Listening to the First Single off the New Double Album so this crappy video is itself superfluous


Nirvana Dec 1987





"illusion of control" may cause people to take credit for events that they did not cause. These false judgements of agency occur especially under stress, or when the results of the event were ones that the individual desired. heuristics, or rules of thumb, that people use to make judgements of agency includes a "forward model" in which the mind actually compares two signals to judge agency: the feedback from a movement, but also an "efferent copy" — a mental prediction of what that movement feedback should feel like. Top down processing (understanding of a situation, and other possible explanations) can also influence judgements of agency. Furthermore, the relative importance of one heuristic over another seems to change with age. From an evolutionary perspective, the illusion of agency would be beneficial in allowing social animals to predict the actions of others. If one considers him or herself a conscious agent, then the quality of agency would naturally be intuited upon others. As it is possible to deduce another's intentions, the assumption of agency allows one to extrapolate from those intentions what actions someone else is likely to perform. While the structure/agency debate has been a central issue in social theory, and recent theoretical reconciliation attempts have been made, structure/agency theory has tended to develop more in European countries by European theorists, EUROfag while social theorists from the United States have tended to focus instead on the issue of integration between macrosociological and microsociological perspectives.


IMG_4873 2

Second Sight is often viewed peripherally; even my camera lens may witness. Orbs indicate the presence of (a) being(s), their form somewhat discernable when seen INDIRECTLY. IMG_4906


The Best Espionage Author Ever and Prince Pretender to the Throne of England

Greg Hallett will be appearing in Person in Glasgow this May ; an auspicious opportunity.


Itz Tru, I AM influens'd bi the kultur ov speedmetal tyrants

NITRO, but thatz not wy I wryt this way; By wryting fonetikally I am being mor spesifik in my uus ov each word, ov each letter. I dislyk the ambiguite ov the letter "C". English iz the Lingua Franca ov the modern Urth not just bekaus ov Kolonial prowes; it iz also the Kolone that infiltrayts kontinents and aprowpriayts kulturs, hybridyzing itz own into a suprkultur bent on dominants. I dislyk wordz wher the saym letter haz kontradiktory rulz; "Egregiously". I lyk the way

Oystein Aarseth/Euronymous spowk hiz wordz; ev'ry fonem was konsider'd and stayted emfatikally. Fynally, the reazun I wryt this way iz bekauz it allows detraktors an eazy komplaynt; so they don't hav to quarrel (I lyk "Q") with my aktual kontent; itz the saym with band nayms lyk


; ar uu shur uu want tu wryt this naym out? du yu evn kno whut NOTARIKON iz?


Three whites show that a person's nervous system is seriously imbalanced. Such a person's mind, body, and spirit are out of harmony with the larger forces of the cosmos. The person's intuition is off; his or her ability to assess people and situations is weak. If the white shows below the iris, the condition is yin, indicating that the dangers come from outside. A person with yin sanpaku eyes will place himself or herself in dangerous or threatening situations unwittingly- and may not survive. hipnotizeable 2

When I see the eyes hav a bulge-y, tumescent look, the person may be under extrapersonal influence. If I observe this in addition to a yellowish or slightly bloodshot cast it's even more likely; I've known Landlords, Airline passengers, Siblings and so-called Psychic Spies to exhibit this. A hypnotist will look at the white area (sclera) of the eye between the lower eyelid and the cornea that can be seen at the end of the process depicted below. The more white space, judged on a scale between one and four, the more susceptible a person is to hypnosis. This method works 75% of the time.

hipnotizeable When a person dies, the iris rises so that it partially disappears under the upper eyelid. The white sclera shows below. In Oriental Medicine, we call such an appearance sanpaku, which means "three whites" showing. Three whites, or sanpaku, is common among those who are ill or exhausted. It is most severe among those who are gravely ill and approaching death.


Rosicrucian and Church of Satan Intruder Boyd Rice on the Chaldeans


horned31 " Indulge not thyself in the passion of anger; it is whetting a sword to wound thine own breast, or murder thy friend."

"True wisdom is less presuming than folly. The wise man doubteth often, and changeth his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubteth not; he knoweth all things but his own ignorance."

" As the ostrich when pursued hideth his head, but forgetteth his body; so the fears of a coward expose him to danger."

~ Akhenaton

horned29 horned38


At some point in my early 20s I was in the same room as John Cage in New York City. Because of the brain damage of my early 30s I cannot for the life of me recall the context, but I suspect it was not a musical performance...an art opening is what I suspect. In viewing my copy of Lohner's "Revenge of the dead Indians", I was surprised when Cage was mildly resentful of the phone ringing (relatively Loud metallophonic pre-digital bells) as he was being interviewed by the videographer. Seeming to lose his train of thought for a spell he directed his (off-camera) personal assistant to [paraprasing here] "...just unplug it." so as to avoid further interruption; this was not the response I expected from such an aleatorically-minded individual as he, and, I suspect, Lohner felt the same by including it in his videography, which I might add, was a competant and worthy addition, in an auxiliary capacity, to the ouevre of Cage. As much fun as the too-famous "4:33" is, I would posit that it is dwarfed in importance by his "Empty Words (Parte III)", which applies the same intentions and results but in a relatively sysiphean, hilarious and far more unendurable context (and duration!); it is an epic grotesque in the realm of (DELIBERATE) audience torture. In conclusion let me steal an anecdote belonging to Francine Prose from her biog of Peggy Guggenheim, in which A young Cage (who i had assumed was bisexual) and his then-wife Xenia were in the company of Guggenheim and her then-husband Max Ernst. WELL, in case you thought things only got racy in mixed company AFTER the 1960s, this minor account will rectify that impression. According to Prose, the quartet of artists decided to undress and spend time completely nude together to see who could remain un-aroused the longest. Whether this reinforces my opinion on Cage's sexuality or not (its none of our damn business really) I'll let you (aleatorically) decide, but suffice to say, Cage's pretty and pretty nude then-wife Xenia was apparently the arouser and it was not Cage who lost the contest, but, "visibly", Ernst.

John Cage Folksonomy


I hav seen the OPHANIM. The sky is blue because there's water on the other side of the FIRMament. The Fixed Stars are just That.

7 is the diagonopticon that jumps Sephirot, I've heard it Endaurally and I RECORDED THAT VERY SOUND --TWO YEARS BEFORE I HEARD IT on 5-MeO-DMT-- as the track "Airspace" on my first release

You can be the King of the Prison or a Pauper in the Wilderness; an Apeirophobe is wise to keep their soul for good while W-Ks traipse around the slimelight. Ontological Engineering is where Gnosticism remembers Cybernetics: THIS IS PROMETHEAN MNEMONIKS. I am this. Join me; be an omniphile. dmt

6102.20.51 / who gives a shit

so YOU and/or your bounce-rate Bots view this site for "0 seconds", buy nothing and know what I want you to know I know. The opposite of Camouflage is Flash; Mercs in the superbowl crowd, art is valueless and this site has a bounce rate approaching 100%. Thanks and fuck off if you're not a carbon-bas'd lifeform.

If you want free shit then GIVE US FREEDOM.


Anything that is TRULY IMPORTANT cannot be admitted to the public; so WHY would they "inform" us about (outer) Space-Time unless it was false?

The first mistake would be the assumption that the wise-men of antiquity knew less than we do now. It requires a certain level of Intelligence to even know that others are more intelligent; that APPARENT STUPIDITY IS WITHIN not without. Stupid people are the first ones to declare what is stupid. Smart people know they're not smart ENOUGH. and I've always known that 'the conspiracy' was far more far-reaching than a local order of magnitude. EarthYellow-Diva-Firmament-2 The Planetarium is this. It is physical home.

Earth sun moon


Earth b7e1c-flat-earth-maps

Reason should tell you that if no human has seen the center of the earth HOW COULD they even offer a simulacrum?


the "Alphabet Effect" hypothesis: the alphabet facilitated the rise and dissemination of monotheism, by providing an easy way to write about a deity that is omnipotent, omnipresent, yet invisible. In contrast, monotheism did not succeed when Akhenaten attempted to promulgate it via hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt, nor did it even arise in places such as China, which relied on an ideographic writing system. Among other weapons, I had an extraordinary rifle that carried a half-pound percussion shell—this instrument of torture to the hunter was not sufficiently heavy for the weight of the projectile; it only weighed twenty pounds: thus, with a charge of ten drachms [270 grains] of powder, behind a half-pound shell, the recoil was so terrific, that I spun around like a weathercock in a hurricane. I really dreaded my own rifle, although I had been accustomed to heavy charges of powder, and severe recoil for some years. None of my men could fire it, and it was looked upon with a species of awe, and it was named "Jenna-El-Mootfah" (Child of a Cannon) by the Arabs, which being far too long a name for practice, I christened it the "Baby;" and the scream of this "Baby" loaded with a half-pound shell was always fatal. It was far too severe, and I very seldom fired it, but it is a curious fact, that I never fired a shot with that rifle without bagging: the entire practice, during several years, was confined to about twenty shots. I was afraid to use it; but now and then it was absolutely necessary that it should be cleaned, after months of staying loaded. On such occasions my men had the gratification of firing it, and the explosion was always accompanied by two men falling on their backs (one having propped up the shooter), and the "Baby" flying some yards behind them. This rifle was made by Holland & Holland, of Bond Street, and I could highly recommend it for the Goliath of Gath, but not for the men of A.D. 1866. —Sir Samuel White Baker Shotgun-shot-sequence-1g Structure_of_the_magnetosphere-en


Prince Pretender to the Throne of England on the (fucking Awful) Eagles of Death Metal

and their mossad audience...WE SEE YOU, DECIEVERS.


reptilian beheaded paperMagic reptilian beheaded2


annum 3


I hav been testing mind control on myself since 1990. There is no room for BeLIEf in the Gnostic pursuit of Empirical data. Psychological Courage is the final frontier. None more terrifying. I hav seen artificial dragonfly drones. I hav had internally-audible speech microwaved upon me. That's how they're doing the school shootings; synthetic telepathy. Check the MUSIC tab for VV's info on MAXWELL. Friends ARE electric and they've got your bioelectrical signature down to an occult science. What I learn from these experiences is not to hold onto any one paradigm too tightly; it's all an anthropocentric virtual reality construct, the "false creation" of Hermeticism.


the FOUR CORNERS of the Earth. Scripture is being literal?



IMG_0968 the cost of building a real Death Star has been estimated at $850 quadrillion, while the International Business Times cited a Centives economics blog calculation that at current rates of steel production, the Death Star would not be ready for more than 833,000 years. The White House response also stated "the Administration does support blowing up planets" but questions about funding a weapon "with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship". the amount of energy the Death Star's superlaser would need to destroy a planet is 1,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms of matter, for each time fired: N\frac{G M^2}{r} with planet 0+; and earth 0+ (Numerical uncertain; Gravitational constant, times the Mass of the planet squared, mass of the earth squared, divided by the radius of the planet, divided by the radius of the earth, generating 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules x2 sec. or 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts.)IMG_0977


GoV dvd PRODUKT image WEB I LOVE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G.o.V. are HYPERPOLITIKAL EXTREME PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bday GoV

GoV new 5" "studio recording" dvd EP is out now.

13$ EA

GovT small


J G Hallett's cause is just; the freedom of the British people is at stake. HIS IS PROPHECY.



so i figured out why looking in the mirror is so intense when you're really seeing --not just looking-- but seeing into yourself and the space and surfaces behind you... it's cause THIS IS A REFLECTION of the core reality which is the luminescent vector world (like the movie TRON) and when you look into the mirror, the sight you see of the reflection is not the reflection; it's the real side! Our physical reality in spacetime is the reflection of the core reality in timespace, so when you look into the mirror, you're looking at the un-reflection. Higher-Self pillar and orb

...my life's work is free, no value, nice world. 1978-1998 Cover Mini

free fuckin NN compilation LP : "JUVENILE PROFANITY : 1978-1998"


I am interrogated in a Metaphysical Extreme Metal Journal by Cathal Rodgers of Ireland



Am I sponsoring this triple counterclockwise vortex or ar "they" signalling me?

notice WHEN this Image was taken, in the Lower Left ov the Image



as I stated in 5th movement of my Symphonic Song Cycle:

..."We ar the Mirror, Reflektion Will Skry"...

IMG_0824 Aristotle claimed that an acorn's intrinsic telos is to become a fully grown oak tree.


In Lev B. Okun's 1962 report on High Energy Physics he refers to a particle named from the Greek, "Lepton" (small light) and offers a new word, in contrast, for strongly-interacting particles "Hadron", also referring to the Greek. But I noticed the original Greek is written "Adron", not "Hadron". So why do they want it to be a "Hadron" Collider? Because it's an HADES TRON, a giant machine of Hell to introduce Principalities of Spirit into third density. The logo for CERN says "SATAN" and is 666 or 5 x 6. I realized that 666 IS A COUNTERCLOCKWISE ROTATION THREE TIMES (Levo), to the left, LEFT HAND PATH, the Collider is a giant 666. Where the 6 curls around and connects with itself is at least two things; it's where the circle continues as a counterclockwise vortex in 4D and it's where the collision ov strong particles are forged in 3D for the harvesting of the most expensive weapon on earth, Antimatter (Trillion $ a gram)


Guess what they're also working on in the no-man's land under the French-Swiss border; ANTIGRAVITY. Now look at British magister Dynamo, and Blaine, both men are powerless, but their soul-raping Demonic Parasite can and does 1.Stop Bloodflow 2.Transubstantiate Matter 3.LEVO-tate. Remember this is where the WWW (666) was launched; adding a HUMINT brain to the BEAST in BELGIUM so He knows HOW we will react to things we ourselves do not know how we're going to react to. ECONOMIC SHOCKS further market predictability science wherein electronic theory and economic theory are one, see Hallet's quotation below. TELEOLOGY is the study of what things are FOR. When I describe the comprehension of human beings as TOOLS ov the divine machine, this is Sixth Density Khrist given thru 5meO. This is TELEOMANCY. IMG_0806


Birdman as Michael Keaton at the INDEPENDENT SPIRIT awards, GET IT? Birdman doesn't even NEED Michael Keaton anymore, he's got his body and soul for good..or BAD; he's an Independent Spirit now. Michael Keaton "accepting" his award (big surprise we're so sure) is a demon trying to act human. its very akward and the Demon is making Keaton's Physical Host GLOW. Technological Demonology or Demonological Technology? It APPEARS they can now levitate the physical body of a demon-host...and they certainly want us to believe that THEY CAN AT THIS TIME...Reality being passed off as magick...the trick is there is no trick, it's real. Are you astute enough to sense it?



The most preferable situation is that the service running the double agent have complete control of communications. When communications were by Morse code, each operator had a unique rhythm of keying, called a "fist". MASINT techniques of the time recognized individual operators, so it was impossible to substitute a different operator than the agent. The agent also could make deliberate and subtle changes in his keying, to alert his side that he had been turned. While Morse is obsolete, voices are very recognizable and resistant to substitution. Even text communication can have patterns of grammar or word choice, known to the agent and his original service, that can hide a warning of capture.

If a recruit speaks of a high regard for democratic ideology, but casual conversation about Western history and politics may reveal that the potential double agent really has no understanding of democracy. Ideology may not be the real reason why he is willing to cooperate. While it is possible such an individual created a romanticized fantasy of democracy, it is more likely that he is saying what he thinks the CI officer wants to hear. CI officers should make it comfortable for the agent to mention more base motivations: money or revenge. It can be informative to leave such things as luxury catalogs where the agent can see them, and observe if he reacts with desire, repugnance, or disbelief.


I am growing more certain that Dan Winter's opinion on monoatomi© gold is correct, that it is dividing the heart and inducing fractionation; I seem prone to nightmares when it is in my system, even sustaining a deep stabwound in my side --while in the astral-- that remained painful during waking hours for WEEKS.

Inyos 1.1

Look closely at the texture and detail in the topography of these mountains. What do you see? Dirt. But is that what's there? Several nights ago I saw a cluster of lights, as many as would be seen from a village, in the very center of the images before you. Look at the purplish areas where there is less topographical detail. They're bending light, I believe the Night.

Inyos 2.1 ...it is disposed in four grades of density and is considered to be a kind of physical matter (the blue haze seen in mountain canyons is said to be in fact ether of the kind known to occult investigators as chemical ether).



For the most “in your face” evidence that HAL represents IBM, pay close attention as Bowman tries to talk HAL into letting him back on the Discovery. The computer console is displaying the letters across Dave’s face, which appear to read either IBM or MGM (the film's original distributors). Computer and tv screens do not display light in this way. They are designed to disperse light in all directions so as to be viewable from any angle. The fact that the letters are also displayed the right way around instead of backwards proves that the IBM / MGM reference is deliberate. And for tongue in cheek amusement Dave repeatedly asks “Do you read me HAL?”

Text copyright © by Rob Ager 2008


Kubrick was murdered by immature sequentially-soul'ed pawns of satan whose condemned fate, they do not seem to realize, is far worse than death. They stole Kubrick's daughter by scientologically brainwashing her out of loyalty to her own family. That's why he tortured scientologist "Cruise" with unnecessary takes beyond belief and broke up his marraige to Kidman by getting Keitel to ejaculate on her back. nicole KIDMAN's Australian father was into child sex and murder and was just himself murdered, in, I think, Papua New Guinea, to prevent him from testifying (on other perpetraitors who remain active and are protected by government) after fleeing Oz in the wake of allegations, so don't be moved by her and Keith Urban's (bizarre plastic hair and) tearful appearance at the funeral of this "Kid Man".

HUNGARIANS ARE THE BEST CINEMATOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD and Genius artist/Hungarian-American Jew Kubrick had the BALLS to supply the BIG REVEAL in retaliation to the evil that sat in the very screening room he occupied when he first showed "E.W.S.", reportedly including not only actual ritual sex magic as it is practiced in the cursed location therein depicted, but also, unbeknownst to most, included was a recreation of the ritual in which a person is terrified out of their mind before being murdered and adrenochrome is withdrawn by hypodermic from their still-warm brains to be concentrated and consumed by the partygoers. Black witches, like Anton LaVey on his deathbed, are wracked with regret. That is why we will ALLOW some to live.


Playerpianoforte Fantasy No. 3 for Performer and Audiencememberr

the never-to-be-released Wooden Machine Music '02 report written for and PERFORM'D by the composer and a woman on the piano keys, yes, I do mean that.

CLASSWAR KARAOKE hurls bioemechanical vortices of the light ether nested in the blood heat of higher mammals

Automatic Music it is.



I am humbled in intellect by the powers ov fellow-metalhead THOMAS MINDERLE



When a man listens to music, the seer can observe how the rhythms and colours flow into and lay hold of the firmer substance of the ether-body, causing it to vibrate in tune with them, and from the harmonious response of the ether-body comes the pleasure that is felt. The more strongly the astral body resounds, the more strongly do its tones echo in the ether-body, overcoming the ether-body's own natural rhythms, and this gives feelings of pleasure both to a listener and to a composer. In certain cases the harmonies of the astral body penetrate to some extent into the sentient body, and a conflict then arises between the sentient body and the ether-body. If the tones set up in the sentient body are so strong that they master the tones of the ether-body, the result is cheerful music in a major key. A minor key indicates that the ether-body has prevailed over the sentient body; and the painful feeling that ensues gives rise to the most serious melodies.

Rudolf Steiner


supergravity dimension chart 26!

I too am getting "26" = the looong year of the space between the asteroidal belts radiating from Galaktik Centre = treskaidekatheocracy = 26" Bassdrum To sing the infrasoniks of the Schumann Resoanance!



OBEchart MedeivalRiot



I'm getting closer to understanding the math and thus THE MEKANISM BEHIND harnessing aetherik potential time stream reversals.

If I kan learn this I kan potentiate a definite future to my will.

IMG_0607 2.1.15



Ingo Swann died last year. Paul Rivera said it was the artist's lifestyle Map_of_Lemuria


Sun_in_orbit_around_Galactic_Centre The Garn is NASA's unit of measure for symptoms resulting from space adaptation syndrome, the response of the human body to weightlessness in space, named after US Senator Jake Garn, who became exceptionally spacesick during an orbital flight in 1985. If an astronaut is completely incapacitated by space adaptation syndrome, he or she is under the effect of one Garn of symptoms

Mil_estimation Many historical references suggest that anasyrma had dramatic or supernatural effect - positive or negative. Pliny the Elder wrote that a menstruating woman who uncovers her body can scare away hailstorms, whirlwinds and lightning. If she strips naked and walks around the field, caterpillars, worms and beetles fall off the ears of corn. Even when not menstruating, she can lull a storm out at sea by stripping


GAVEL ov VINLAND achieves 256th Note Blurr!!!!!!


write your name and intentions for the coming year on a candle and keep it alight. Exhibiting a body could backfire against a monarch, especially if the monarch was unpopular. Henry of Montfort and Henry of Wylynton, enemies of Edward II and rebels, were drawn and hanged before being exhibited on a gibbet near Bristol. However, the people made relics of these bloody and mutilated remains and surrounded them with respect in violent protest. Even "miracles" were reported at the spot where the bodies were hanging.

Nondor Nevai week at Crucial Blast, SCROLL DOWN to NEW ARRIVALS


ECONOMICS as a social energy science, first describes the complex way in which any unit of resource is obtained, processed and used to satisfy some economic want. The first economic objective is to get the most product from the least resource, or the most from the most limited resources. Such industrial logistics shared the objectives of the military. Both are known as Operations Research. The Harvard Economic Research Project (1948–) was an extension of World War II Operations Research. Its purpose was to discover the science of controlling an economy, at first the American economy, then the world economy. With sufficient mathematical foundation and data, IT HAS BECOME POSSIBLE TO PREDICT AND CONTROL THE TREND OF AN ECONOMY -AS ACCURATELY AS A PROJECTILE, MISSILE OR BULLET [my caps]. Since then, the economy has been transformed into a guided missile on target. The target has been designated by the International Bankers. It is you. The immediate aim of the Harvard project was to discover the economic structure, what forced change in that structure, how the behavior of the structure can be predicted, and how it can be manipulated. What was needed was a well-organized knowledge of the mathematical structures and interrelationships of investment, production, distribution, and consumption. It was discovered than an economy obeyed the same laws as electricity and that all of the mathematical theory and practical and computer know-how developed for the electronic field could be directly applied in the study of economics. This discovery was not openly declared, and its more subtle implications are a closely guarded secret. In the economic model, human life is measured in dollars or silver, and: The electric spark generated by a switch connected to an active inductor is mathematically analogous to the initiation of a war. The greatest hurdle theoretical economists faced was the accurate description of the ‘household as an industry’, because consumer purchases are a matter of choice which is influenced by income, price, and other economic factors. Shock testing (indirect and statistically approximate) determined the current characteristics of the household industry, called current technical coefficients’ (CTC). Theoretical Economics can be easily translated into Theoretical Electronics, and the solution can translated back again, so a concept definition and language translation was defined between Electronics and Economics.

The Sex Collectors Vol II Murders by J Greg Hallett




In chemistry, a zwitterion from German zwitter "hybrid" --and formerly called a dipolar ion-- is a neutral molecule with a positive and a negative electrical charge, though multiple positive and negative charges can be present. Zwitterions are distinct from dipoles, at different locations within that molecule. Zwitterions are sometimes also called inner salts. Unlike simple amphoteric compounds that might only form either a cationic or anionic species depending on external conditions, a zwitterion simultaneously has both ionic states in the same molecule.


The host key of this website has changed. They bumped me over to a new server and then another in quick succession. My IP address numerologically implies they know who I am...the only privacy you hav is FROM YOURSELF ha ha! If you think economics is uninteresting that's because you haven't got good info on OPERATIONS RESEARCH. Wanganui and Russelsheim...Kurt Russel was there to observe the attributes of their fourth reich supersoldier...OOBE is how/why the airforce existed before aviation.

This summer we went to Portsmouth to visit a warrior-priest. That night I went WILD, seperating from the body...floating upwards toward the counterclockwise vortex/ceiling fan..."without a body I can go INTO it" I thought...Yes, I COULD but it was very disruptive to my 20-gram lightbody and I quickly floated down and out of the chopping blades...back down to the bed where very suddenly a buzzing MACHINE entered my field of view from the right! Most startling was this, the device was about the size of a carton of milk and had a complex multifaceted 'face' on the left side that looked like a bionic sunflower and emitted an intense electronic sound. It inserted itself so abruptly into view and so close to my face (inches) that I was shocked awake and back into corps. IT WAS AN IMPRINTING DEVICE, perhaps Fourth-density, and these IMPRINT KNOWLEDGE.


In his notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci wrote of pareidolia as a device for painters, writing "if you look at any walls spotted with various stains or with a mixture of different kinds of stones, if you are about to invent some scene you will be able to see in it a resemblance to various different landscapes adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, wide valleys, and various groups of hills. You will also be able to see divers combats and figures in quick movement, and strange expressions of faces, and outlandish costumes, and an infinite number of things which you can then reduce into separate and well conceived forms."




Mortality salience. Viewing an "uncanny" robot elicits an innate fear of death and culturally-supported defenses for coping with death’s inevitability.... [P]artially disassembled androids...play on subconscious fears of reduction, replacement, and annihilation: (1) A mechanism with a human facade and a mechanical interior plays on our subconscious fear that we are all just soulless machines. (2) Androids in various states of mutilation, decapitation, or disassembly are reminiscent of a battlefield after a conflict and, as such, serve as a reminder of our mortality. (3) Since most androids are copies of actual people, they are doppelgängers and may elicit a fear of being replaced, on the job, in a relationship, and so on. The jerkiness of an android’s movements could be unsettling because it elicits a fear of losing bodily control."


The origins of automatonophobia can be dated to thousands of years ago. It has been said that through necromancy, or divination by communication with the dead, "...that ventriloquism finds its origins." At about 1500 BC the Israelites were outlawed from practicing necromancy. Even with the penalty of death enforced, the practice of necromancy still continued. Very similar to ventriloquists today, belly speakers arose. These speakers, or prophets, would pretend that dead spirits were speaking through them. To convince their audiences, the belly speakers would implement strategies that are still used by ventriloquists today. They would exercise tight lip control along with a voice other than their own. Necromancy, despite the many laws that were passed throughout the centuries, continued to flourish. Eventually it grew into a form of entertainment that the world associates with today. As early as 1753 in England, Sir John Parnell in an engraving is shown to be speaking via his hand. In 1757, the ventriloquist Baron de Mengen implemented a small doll into his performance. This was the first known instance of the modern ventriloquism that is practiced today. The illusion that the Baron de Mengen created as his small doll being sentient, combined both the inanimate objects and consciousness of sense impressions that are necessary to automatonophobia.


[Our Great Selves] This is the name I use to refer to the Higher Selves of our own Higher Selves. These will have consciousness planted at the 7th/8th density level (corresponding to Monroe focus levels 48/49) when they 'incarnate' into a Galaxy. Fascinating! Those that are 'discarnate' are free to operate at the level of the 8th density, which is their version of the astral! As the reader may know, 8th density begins after focus 49, once one goes past what Robert Monroe calls in his book Ultimate Journey 'the aperture'. It is basically a gateway/bridge, just as there is a bridge between physical and astral realms (focus 21) and there is a bridge between astral and mental (Spiritual) realms (focus 35). Beyond focus 49, consciousness goes beyond the galactic realm. These Great Selves are the ones who choose which Galaxy Game they would like to incarnate into. Their 'incarnations' are our Higher Selves, that become the major players, incarnating into different star systems (on planets) at different periods. Our Great Selves 'incarnate' into different galaxies, on star systems.

by K, TMI attendant AdrianeHS


Once, when I met Sean Bonniwell from THE MUSIC MACHINE in the valley San Joaquin, I asked him "...is God not a CREATRIX AS WELL?"

Sean said, that no, indeed, THE CREATOR, was, is, will be, "The Father". But my best intel says IT'S a Shim.

Sean Bonniwell died last year. we were near.


Psychic models. 12.11.13

Both men and women slaves were created to carry out various psychic functions. For instance, the AntiChrist needs to be able to look at people and totally understand them psychologically and their systems of mind-control (alter systems, programming etc.). The abilities to successfully perform psychic functions have been tested for years before they were created within the AntiChrist.

Internal Wall alters.

Some alters will be made into walls. This is why is can be difficult to go around internal walls. These alters shift so that no one can get around them.

f. springmeier


The Archontics held that there were Seven Heavens, ruled by the Demiurge surrounded by Archons begotten by him, who are the jailers of the souls. In the eighth heaven dwells the supreme Mother of light. The king or tyrant of the seventh heaven is Sabaoth, the god of the Jews, who is the father of the Devil. The Devil, dwelling upon earth, rebelled against his father, and opposed him in all things, and by Eve begot Cain and Abel. Cain slew Abel in a quarrel about their sister, whom both loved. "They say," records Epiphanius, "that the soul is the food of the Archons and Powers without which they cannot live, because she is of the dew from above and gives them strength. When she has become imbued with knowledge ... she ascends to heaven and gives a defence before each Power and thus mounts beyond them to the upper Mother and Father of the All whence she came down into this world.


IT started as a label in 1998 in NYC, moved to West Hollywood in '99...in '02 IT bekame the Venue/Rekording Studio/Sexual Athletic Gym over the Hollywood Freeway, by '04 I was KOMPLETELY FERAL and left it in ruins to ROAM...today THE FLEMISH MASTERS ORGANIZATION WEBSITE LIVES ON





My telepathy is strengthening. Discarnate entities, some living, some dead visit me and share Related Organized Thought Envelopes. My mind is clarifying and my oneiromancy becoming adept. My dreams teach allegories and hold the most beautiful music conceivable. If I had an audience would I share it?

If you want to know ANYTHING, you can ask me. I know the meaning ov life but little else. I did figure out how to change the oil on my truck. WELKOM THE SPIRALING KONKLUSION ov THE GREAT YEAR! AGE ov PISCES OVER AND OUT! OLD SOULS HERALD THE NEW YUGA! THEISTIK SATANISTS WILL BURN ON EARTH!


MY LAST LP IS RELEAS'D one exakt year after it's summoning, 150 copies ar available to the PSI-WARRIORS ov EARTH, 30:00 ov DMT METAL for 17$ Now available from HELLS HEADBANGERS webstore


to THE GALAXY GAME KREATORS AT GALAKTIK CENTER : we await your instruktion


A Letter to PSYKIK EARTHERS and animals i kill

you know what i like about revenge? It can be EXACTED. BUT if the gods frown, it can boomerang back onto one. I speak from empirical experience, not from vicarious fable. THE STRING OKTET IN A will be releas'd this week. Among gunfighters there's an axiom "never pick a fight with an old man...he just might kill you." ...and you never got to ask me about the vengeance-worthy MURDER OV KUBRICK. That's quite an eye to take an eye for. you motherfuckers ain't gonna hav NO EYE LEFT AFTER I MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS ONE.



The Satanik Magicians inside the inside the inside hav a sardonik sense ov humor i find charming. chortling, they taunt those ov us just barely adept enough to katch the references, the winks, the rhymes, the puns. Reptiles don't hav a sense ov humor so these JOKERS gotta be people. Heath Ledger. Aurora predikted. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. GET IT? Giggling, They hav a magicke AND a sardonicism, a sarkasm most murderous. it is symmetrical for a praktitioner of a magickal black to employ such a humor. Magicke is a technology. When one employs the supreme technology one is spoiling for a fight in a ring with no contenders. Skapegoats need to be generated on the fly to akkomodate scenarios. the Dzhokhar is a WILD CARD. Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer are slaves but nonetheless KULPABLE; they employ an expensiv eyebrow kontortion komputed to simulate sympathy but ar unable to hear their selvs. LISTEN NOT TO THE VOICES OV THOSE UNABLE TO THEIR OWN SELVS HEAR. invite someone to a shooting party. shoot that person in the face, akkcidentally, LOL. watch that person APOLOGIZE TO YOU ON TELEVISION. Chuckle outwardly and guffaw within. hav your withered heart operated on. okkupy a castle invisible to google earth with a black swirling vortex of cachinnating darkness above. place a blind negro into governorship as you krak up. install perverts in the top office ov pervert control and hee haw. barter is the funny kurrency ov peasants, drôle debt the kurrency ov slaves so the joke AND the bill ar on you when YOU PAY THEM to be made a laughing stock ov. The magician snickers all the way to the torture club, cackling at tears, sniggering and snorting at pain. surprise itself surprised that the emotional ones hav the advantage in the long run: we don't liv ONLY for the earth. MY AGENCY IS ON FOCUS 49. Smile; you're on komedy kamera R.I.G.H.T. N.O.W., as shriek peels into roar.

Mindfull Noise Detonates Lucipharaonik Sado-Bararik Light Speed Thundering Nuklear Goddessrape's four-album retrospektiv cassette NOW AVAILABLE from PREPOSTEROUS CREATIONS in France - I will hav 10 copies for sale by later I ain't got mine yet. W+W product


performed by NEVAI_NONET with SEVEN Heroik Tim Dahls on SUBKONTRABASS VIOL and well-engineer'd by RayJ

OKTET IN A website


the human hive mind memory is integrating, walls are dissolving, revelations relearned under threat of wolves a-ravening. now are we fated to no longer quest for fame. the only information worth knowing is that which is too important to share the sharer's identity. if you can reveal your identity, your reminder is unnecessary. look at the history tab. know who you ar. your torments will end, WE REMEMBER IT ALL, onerous intraterrestrials. i salute the white hats in the pentagon and abroad. without them things would be far worse. Eisenhower warned us of "unwarranted influence", he was being literal. the most obfuscated part of history is the ending. the true konklusion must be protected by the winners to MAINTAIN kontrol. WHO really won world war 2.



something is modulating in the overall consensual reality in this sector of galactic timespace and techniques that were ironclad for centuries ar becoming less and less effectiv in the administration and management ov slaves by their handlers who are themselve beset by usurous astral entities but who do not yet know they will be facing a judgement ov the heart upon their own departure from the physical. it is this ignorance of consequence, this suceptibility to spiritual influence, programmers possess'd, eclips'd by the rise ov machine language in the wake of their own proven biocomputer coding, and thus do they carry on with the most egregiously sickening hyperselfish torments and spiritual transgressions. the childe is how they hurt us now. will the enforcers -against their own masters- the childe defend?


controlling people with hypnosis and mind control is neat because it's a war ov consciousness. i like that. plus, the challenge will hav to be met by the nascently-conscious earther to retain autonomy over their own minds. this will benefit them. in a symbiotically sadistic system, everybody wins. different components ov reality fight with each other to manifest inherent qualities and produce repetition and novelty in fluctuating degree.



you ar psychic. that's why you're here with me. don't fear death, fear interminable sentience.


i can sleep outside. 150 ov you visit this site a month and stay for two minutes on average. you seek something. your psyche is flashing on something in the content ov my work or my character, but you won't pay for it. why should you? music has become a distraction piped in over the public address ov gas stations. no longer do you PAY attention to motion pictures; now they vy -unsuccessfully- for your attention. the most valuable thing about you is your attention, so be weary ov WHERE you spend it. Everything you see is planned far in advance, not by you. Most ov what you think is SUBMITTED to your attention span. by another part ov yourself you've never met. you want wisdom but you won't pay. i've given you enough to know where to look. you merely SIMULATE ideas. I see simulations ov conceptual offspring out there. The challenges ov this age require the artist to adapt to the monetary valuelessness ov art. Perhaps it's time that the concrete value ov things be inverse to the abstract value ov fiat currencies. i identify EGO with the abstract, and INTEGRATION with concrete. colleagues fall prey to obselytized models ov artifice. With so many newcomers, an inundating population to be filtered by the recipient, the criterion for what IS worthwhile expression WILL become mor stringent. NOW the artist must be scientist as well...and if shim IS...then shim IS MAGICIAN. ALL MUSIC IS PSYCHIC. If you listen to music you are psychic. But WHAT IS SHARED by the sharer with the mass unconscious is what i discuss here. The journalists are afraid for their lives to tell the truth so only mockingbirds ar heard. How to tell the truth in this?!


Belief is for the spiritual coward. Experience is required to know empirikally. A psyche is required to know. the first mistake is the assumption ov falsity. anything that is experienced is valid, whether in a state ov fever-pitch adrenalized battle or in the least expressable gossamer figments ov a childhood fever dream. invalid are none. the lie is the ONLY lie. IT'S ALL TRUE. consider proving something is not true. I use equation to prove that maximalism is a mor CONCRETE model ov this hyperdimensional continuum. I feel alienated from you and culture. I hunger for ideology. I want A.S.T.R.A.L...W.A.R. Let's laugh as it burns. Let's rejoice. We're the Brutalest rainbow, PARTY IS NOW, BANG YOUR HEAD ON THE FLOOR, learn to garden and if you can't sleep outside you're not tired enough. LET'S DIE. I L.O.V.E. EV.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G., 'specially when i'm 'specially when i'm






NONDOR NEVAI SIMULATED MUSIC NO.1 | NEKROCIDAL KILLDEATH SYMBIOTIK SADISME | DOUBLE LP | FOUR SIDES ov PRECISELY 15:00 each = 1:00:00 = 1 hour megasong ov monlithik BLACK NOISE | 25$ PP or if I get distro 20$ from them
you may notice that most ov my albums hav two names, that is, two artists and two album titles. the explanation is that the first artist-title is the composer and the composer's title for the composition and the second is the performer and the performer's title for the album.

12.7.13 SIMULATED MUSIK series ov pieces

"SIMULATED MUSIK (#1)", THE BLACK-NOISE DOUBLE 12" MEGASONG |1:00:00| WILL BE AVAILABLE IN A WEEK. The other four pieces in the series are Motion Picture/Aktions available for viewing now on vimeo since i kill'd my youtube accunt plus there's other motion picture work and shit



04/21 @ 4:00pm - Unsound LABs: Hai Nguyen Dihn with Nondor Nevai

i'M blasting off BE THERE for ENERGY



images from the speed metal saturnfago blow-out trakking sesh the razorsharp eye ov Justina Villanueva> who also contributed testical-harvesting powerviolence style THROATLOOPS on the MNDLSBLSTNG LP



is a series of site-specific compositions incorporating Aktions with proximal aleatorical elements juxtaposed with Voltage Controlled Oscillator sweeps. "SIMULATED MUSIK (#1)", the 12" EP vinyl record and download will be available soon. The other four pieces in the series are Motion Picture/Aktions available for viewing now

12.1.9 the MOON is full tonight

and my cats are marauding. Mick Barr and I hav finally named our band. It's called MINDLESSBLASTING and we will appear this FEBRUARY 24th at St. Vitus in Brooklyn NY on a bill with BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS and GERYON. We are going to TEAR SHIT UP so be there.


Info too important to ignore, if you're like me, you will want to read every single word that follows It concerns info suppressed by the reigning technocracy and it relates to the receiving and transmission OV ALL MUSIC THRU ALL BEINGS, animal, human and inbetween.

11.12.12 Saturn Square Mars

I've been pissing people off more than usual lately...not deliberately either, people I respect. Than I figured out my Saturn is squaring Mars. This can be a time of intense ego conflicts with others, and you are very likely to be the loser if you are not careful. Your ambitions in various areas may provoke others to try to stop you because they feel threatened. Or it may be that you come across people whose goals are intrinsically opposed to yours. This may happen in any area of your life; most commonly it will affect your work and social life.

11.12.9 a new interview with my mumblin' wizard, Mick Barr is up atThe Village VoiceWe will be performing our new hyperblur sonik attak live in late February so stay tuned


I just fabricated an industrial-style mount out of threaded iron piping to which I mounted a marching band 22" bass drum to it for a massivly heavy tom section. It works great, very stable with an uncluttery footprint. I stationed a synth underneath the drum so I can play this new kind ov musik I am receiving. Copy of heavenhammersOfAlgizLodgeRoad

My entire body is being used as a transmitter ov a novel-yet-ancient form ov devotional music I'd liken toCarnatic Deathif it existed I am pushing the psychedelic into the PSYKOAKOUSTIK!

Copy of membranophonic-six-piece-11.10.5

On Jun 27, 2011

Review of "THREE TOCATTAS" by Anonymous of Junkietown from HELLS HEADBANGERS

Title: Above and beyond

Comments: Truly, an achievement in noise. Beautiful package, 180g vinyl, you will not have buyer''s remorse. Can''t blather about the sounds because opinions about art mean nothing, but I can certainly recommend this piece highly.

11.7.29 i was having horrendous violent dreams one night some weeks ago: stabbing, slicing, gouging, tearing, slashing flesh and eyes and face and thorax and everything. I couldn't even tell you WHO WHERE or WHY, it was a dream so it was like the actors and the scenery were one and the same; victim or perpetrator? I couldn't even distinguish, all I knew was that it was VERY VERY TERRIBLE and LONG as shit! A few days later my wife Adriane found out from the paper that some guy born on the exact day as me, 70/7/13, had mutilated some little jewish boy in the Hasidic neigborhood in Brooklyn, I mean one of those just ultra-awful crimes that make you just shake your head, on the very night I had that dream.


May 20 (2 days ago) I was on your website, Promethean Mnemonics? I'm unfamiliar. I know about Prometheus and the fire, and I know what mnemonics are(to me, they aren't worth the trouble as I know them, not much of a short cut) so I was curious...what is Promethean Mnemonics? K

PROMETHEAN MNEMONICS is my anti-religion of psykonautikal research. Prometheus, half human and half titan, herein represents the modern and ancient psychonaut who does not beLIEve anything except for empirical data (personal experience). He is a lowly mongrel earther but he has the alien DNA (half titan) and the curiosity to better know being and his quest requires the stealing of fire from the gods (fire = magic/harnessing of natural laws = technology/science). In other words, we inculcate an inherently adversarial relationship between this semi-divine explorer and any theistik entity or agency: nothing is sakred (if THEY say it is) while we really know that everything is sakred and the future is written*. It paradoxically does away with free will* while simultaneously endowing the participant with more responsibility (YOU are NOT subordinate so don't blame HAVOHEJ). The MNEMONICS part indicates that what we cannot prove with science and mathematics can be accessed by MEMORY BECAUSE we know everything already UNTIL being incarnated which is a process of having one's memory blocked (at birth). This is done to expedite experience because the recipient of experience must start over with each incarnation and learn everything AGAIN THRU DIFFERENT EYES. Certain participants will hav (evolutionary) erosion in the efficacy of their DNA COMMANDS/MEMORY BLOCK and will begin to remember things they never experienced (in their current body), or be able to access extrapersonal empirical data (data from NOT thru your own eyes), which will be called INTUITION etc and will often be relayed via the stomach instead of the brain (the brain can become a hall-of-mirrors when one is trying to tell what the fuck is actually going on!). PROMETHEUS is the agent, MNEMONICS are the means.



or for a very limited time only get it at a reduced price atHELLS HEADBANGERS


I just got interviewed by theVILLAGE VOICE about my KLASSIKILL idiom and my very LAST show of JAZZ EVER


I just shot a short film to accompanyThe Second Movement of Tocatta Number Two off of

THREE TOCATTAS "...ON THE SYMMETRY OF ANTITHESES", my new full-length album that's currently at press. It's already pissing people off and it's just AN ADVERTISMENT.


Nondor Nevai to antonio 4:02 PM (2 minutes ago) Antonio: whats the other half of the mission?

Nondor: to expand comprehension and open a dialogue concerning paradigm-shifting empirical data governed by psychonautical research and make it as comprehensive as possible using motion picture and computer-generated imagery seamlessly integrated and sound designed. empirical data meaning a corroboration of personal and consensual impressions of the within/without in antagonistic opposition to the mystification and counterintel used to divert those are getting close. We want proof but as Schrodinger will tell you accurate measurement is, apparently (heh), not possible in third density which is why higher densities must be used to access meaningful data.. ("memory NOT proof" being one of the credos of Promethean Mnemonics, this "true" reality is accessed most effectively thru OUR INCREATE MEMORY which always existed/will exist before and after one's "current" memory-blocked incarnation. Even the word "true" is an abstraction (already[!]) because NOTHING IS FALSE*. Because NOTHING IS POSSIBLE. Because ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN. NN *except the appearance of falsity.

Copy of AdrianeSchrammdrums-w500-h500-150x150

Copy of AdrianeSchrammdrums-w500-h500-150x150


Seth Putnam went before the judge today and he's officially off probation! Is the VAGINAL JESUS show they've been threatening us with gonna go down?

Come back in a week, reader, I should know then. ~Nono


i've just written some notes for a downloadable compilation of THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS available thru PUKEKOS blog.

But that's not why you should download it. You should download it because it's ROBUST FUTURISTIC ENERGY MUSIC.


ABORTED CHRIST CHILDE's first demo will soon be available on iTunes with the rest of theSATANIC SKINHEAD PROPAGANDA catalogue.

Forget compact discs. The triumphal return of Vinyl and cassette the high and the low of REAL audio art formatting.

a recent article in TOM TOM MAGAZINE about Adriane's Painting of drumheads INKLUDING INITIALED NN BASS ATTAKK

Copy of AdrianeSchrammdrums-w500-h500-150x150

ADRIANE SCHRAMM is having an opening in Brooklyn on Oktober Eight. meet us there, we will fuck you up


NN IS PERFORMING LIVE IN HUDSON NY AT SAVOIA 214 WARREN STREET ON 10.9.10 AFTER 9PM SOLO. he's just gonna play some heavy militant drums with power vokills over it.

Copy of cmNNposter

new totally fucked noisecore free-thrash from BUBONIK STUPEFAKTION to be released by FLACON RECORDINGS, Sweden on casstte this fall. RAT BASTARD on lead guitars and Lead Vokills! WEASEL on bass and rhythm guitar! NN on drums!

bubonik fave 1

I'm forwarding this to you...but Tiffany at apop got a letter from someone in prison wanting the contact info of our "cover girl" to the hatewave album....the transaction below is how i found out about it..from the guy who took the shot.... hope all is well nandor! -Rick ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: bryan dematteis To: Rick Wilson Sent: Wed, September 15, 2010 2:55:48 PM Subject: Re: moooovie Anna read the letter. Tiffany is supposed to get us a copy. He somehow got a copy while in San Quentin Prison and was intrigued by the cover. Sounds like he wrote apop trying to get Anna's contact info. Sounds like they aren't aloud porn so they pass around your album. Creepy but a great story. --- On Wed, 9/15/10, Rick Wilson wrote: From: bryan dematteis To: Rick Wilson Sent: Wed, September 15, 2010 1:55:24 PM Subject: Re: moooovie You hear about the guy in prison that wrote apop about the hatewave cover, and wanting to meet Anna? From: Rick Wilson Subject: Re: moooovie To: "bryan dematteis" Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 2:11 PM nope, but that's hilarious...is there more to the story? did you see the letter?

I thought ABORTED CHRIST CHILDE's first demo was recorded in '94 but I was wrong. it was done in the winter of 1995 and it is going to get a proper release on the best extreme music label in the world right now:


also available fromHELLS HEADBANGERS


videography of the recent (fucking awesome) RAT BASTARD EXPERIENCE

by Marc EdwardsRat Bastard Experience Live 7.29.10

sentireascoltare.com article on NN

by Leonardo Amico Nondor Nevai Bionic Kaleidoscope

Novello avant metalhead Julian Cope, Nondor Neva joined heavy, classic and contemporary fantasy literature. Inevitable with him a close encounter of the third kind ... Nondor Neva [If you are the photographer of this photo click here] 2009 With Labyrinth, Nondor Neva mate Mick Barr pushed the matter of brutalprog gentaccia as Pink & Brown, and Lightning Bolt to the Wild Blue Yonder. Then we hit the explosive mixture of wild free ipertecnicismo rock and avant-metal blasting from the results. The same charge that the Lightning Bolt last album left the room for a playful dimension, present since the beginning of the band Providence. We then contacted Nondor, this collaboration has strongly supported, we faced the classic character with the musical life divided into two: one before and one after a shock that caused him to find metal in the highest expression of his peculiar idea of music and the world. The first part of his story is set in the Rhode Island School of Design where, until 1992, and the boy stays studiacchia narrowly missing the start of the experience Fort Thunder (1995) and the birth of Load Records (early '00) , the ground reality which will develop the most influential of the underground U.S. in recent years, both in music (Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, prurient all have them at least their early days) and artistic (Forcefield, Paper Rad ... and aesthetics and playful lysergic that is headquartered in Providence). When I was a student in Providence, said there was no way the audience for avant-garde metal. Only hardcore bands like Drop Dead and The Wurst. And then I was strangely similar to a music that was celebrated later with the Lightning Bolt ... Drummer leaves from the school of Design and after a brief spell in his native city, NY, took home in Chicago in the middle of no-wave revival, the golden age for labels such as Bulb and Skin Graft Records. Meet Weasel Walter in an early incarnation of the Flying Luttenbachers and the two become friends not only by a shared spirit of provocation, but especially for an unhealthy passion for metal. Soon they started playing together and, among other smaller projects that see them together (it is worth recalling the brutal no-wave Hatewave) registered on behalf of The Many Moods Of Marlon Magas with an unsuspecting Aaron Dilloway on drums, still far from the apocalypses badged Wolf Eyes. During those years, the mission focuses Nondor sonic: a mixture of heavy metal, contemporary classical brutal (Xenakis, Ligeti), literature and visual arts (William Gibson, PK Dick and Giger) finally put the foundations under the classic diagnosis drugs lisergiche . I listened as a boy and we only industrial and electronic fun of punk and heavy metal industrial assholes tagged as stupid and trivial. Then after an experience with LSD realized that was the true death-metal techno: Techno Bionics. I felt then that a biological organism that makes art as if car was more than a biological organism that uses a machine to mimic biology ... Everything around us is a system of machines, and be like a machine means to harness the laws of nature. The most erroneous conception of humanity is that technology is anthropogenic. Nothing is anthropogenic, and nothing is created. So you can choose to use a machine to make art or be the machine that makes art. The revelation is one of those a la Julian Cope and the like that ensues: a certain point - from her album Wooden Music Machine (alien sonatas recorded with a computerized floor) then prgetto UNDRSKOR (drums and strings) to duet with Mick Barr - the drummer is looking into music that certain "feel bionic." In 2004 in Washington DC Weasel shared a date with Orthrelm and told me this brutalprog duo and their "perfect music". When I heard was something like what was in my head was immediately passed, I knew that Mick was my guitar. Weasel gave me his number and I called him talking excitedly to this new form of extreme metal that was non-repetitive kicking in my head and calling in the West, in Oakland where I had just moved. Barr reaches Nondor in California but ours is still too invasive to make something so good and the guitarist took the opportunity to shake hands and other tools by opening a parenthesis with the most prepared and Flying Luttenbachers Zack Hill. I was still up in the heavy metal lifestyle, writes. Do not sleep for days, I turned amateur porn and playing the drums at all hours. Played with their music which I had imported, but without me, we capitalized amused. It 'a matter of time. When the two finally take the measures Rhapsodik Bitonality born, five pieces published in low fidelity mp3 netlabel for Brutalprog, a CD-R ugEXPLODE, Rainbow Supremacy, and finally Labyrinth is definitely the best recording quality for that content. There is an ineffable common space between us, which is very advanced at the same time that adolescent regression. Everything we play is improvised and never discuss the special music during the sessions, but I think that "improvisation" is not the appropriate term for what we do. It is as if our compositions were automatic, like music that has always existed of which we are simply the means by which it may occur ... This is devotional music, we subordinamo our ego to the forces of nature

Tom Smith's neue Surrealist Musiccollage featuring NN vocals

KSV 012 Nevai Myth - Hirtenlieder

non myth

Postponed from 2009, now ready for public renunciation. Nandor Nevai's unused vocal (and percussive) contributions to TLASILA's The Wigmaker in 18th Century Williamsburg album, posited within (extremely) sympathetic late 60s/early 70s Christian folk arrangements. As splendid as it sounds...

Edition of 15.

Subject: I'd love to buy the Rainbow supremacy, but on mp3! I'd pay 20 bucks!

Really love your music! I don't know why you didn't want to release a downloadable version of Rainbow Supremacy, I guess you have your reasons. BUT I HAVE TO ASK, BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME AND I NEED IT. Thank you.

Rasmus Gunnarson, Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 6:01 AM

Villasecto's Journal


Aside from the late start, everything at the show was going smoothly until Aborted Christ Childe came on. Basically they're a bm band from the early nineties that released one demo, and thats it. I guess some kvlt thing was to be expected, but instead a guy in platform shoes and some extremely drunk guy just screwed around. It was pretty funny I guess, but a big waste of time. The drunk drummer ended up pushing over the drum kit, and then later on started banging the mic on the drum and yelling into it. review of the matchitehew assembly

Lord Imperial (Neill Jameson) of KRIEG about the very same show:

"That is the most belligerent performance I have ever seen!"


by Maria Guzman super cool noise report

Cy Thoth at our KFJC session Wolcott's site


Adriane Schramm article on album covers etc.

NEVAI-WOLCOTT spring 2010 tour

March 22 Echo Curio w/ David Scott Stone & Faraday Trippers with Sleepwalkers Local

March 25 KFJC San Jose, CA live mic afternoon

March 25 Hemlock Tavern San Fransisco, CA w/AlQeada & Bank for Christ

March 26 21 Grand Oakland, CA w/ Orcutt & Kolovos Ettrick

March 27 Synchronicity Los Angeles, CA w/ Orcutt & Kolovos

Barr-Nevai march 1st 2010 at lit lounge

hello all
this is to announce the 2nd live perforrmmance of Barr-Nevai.
(Mick Barr and Nondor Nevai)
March 1st at Lit Lounge, 2nd ave between 5th and 6th.

the line up is from last to first:
Tit City
Syphilitic Lust

we will be selling copies of our new 3rd collaboration cd "Labyrintha".
or you can order it soon from ugexplode

BARR-NEVAI shows coming up

Nondor Nevai performs with MICK BARR (!!) BARR-NEVAI will do several dates in early March TBA to support the release of their third and best album "LABYRINTHA"

Nondor Nevai performs solo:

February 3, 2010
Death By Audio
Brooklyn, NY

BJ Rubin and Weasel Walter present a night of music and comedy feat. Nondor Nevai, Puttin' on the Ritz, Sexy Thoughts, Odysseus, Architeuthis Walks On Land, Michael Gallope, Matt Mottel, Moppa Elliott, Sarah Lipstate and Carolin Contillo, Tim Dahl, Matt Mottel, Cat Tyc a quick documentary of the evening

FULL BLOWN A.I.D.S. Recording

FULL BLOWN A.I.D.S just finished recording an ep at DEVILS FORK. Nondor mic'ed Seth Putnam's guitar with 3 mics and then had Seth overdub his guitar (downtuned to F) 2 more times for a total of NINE ULTRA-CRUSHING GUITAR TRACKS. The new material sounds like an 8000 POUND FROWN. It's UNFAIR to living things. Before he left for Boston, Seth also laid down some bloodcurdling fucked-pig guest vokills on the still-being-mixed NO MOR MUSIK LP, a noisecore christening of sorts.