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We recently raided the vault over at Nondor Nevai's Devils Fork imprint, and came back with a stack of some of the heaviest and most unhinged stuff that this maniac has put out in recent years. A former member of avant-garde noisecore outfits Aborted Christ Childe and Hatewave, occasional collaborator with To Live And Shave In L.A., Nevai has been obsessively focused on creating some of the most frenzied experimental noise/metal/prog monstrosities we've ever heard, combining his own twisted "klassikill" aesthetic with various influences from the realm of classic noisecore, the most rabid extremes of blackened war metal, and the harsher ends of the ugEXPLODE brand of contempo jazz/prog madness. Despite all of his stuff having a crazed, chaotic energy that frequently threatens to detonate into pure noise, each of Nevai's different projects has it's own distinct sound and personality, ranging from gonzo avant noisecore to utterly alien low-fi prog-death to walls of ultra-distorted guitar splatter. And I've been obsessed with this stuff ever since he sent me a stack of these LPs to check out. I'd long been a fan of his Hatewave stuff and the weirdo prog that he's released through the French label Savage Land in the past, but these LPs on Devils Fork reach another level of mayhem entirely. All of the Devils Fork releases that we picked up for the shop are on vinyl only, each one pressed on heavyweight vinyl and packaged with an embroidered patch featuring weird sci-fi / psychedelic imagery and a download code, and pressed in extremely limited runs.

HATEWAVE Sexual Healing 2 CD (A-Pop)
Before Weasel Walter joined Hatewave and before the awesome self-titled album on Tumult, Hatewave was an entirely different pile of slop. The original Hatewave lineup featured Sasha Tai, a guy named Wiggpaw (?), and prog mutant Nondor Nevai, whose amazing/deranged Wooden Machine Music filled our ears nonstop a while back with his insane player-piano prog constructs. This original Hatewave lineup played a seriously fucked-up, No Wave damaged version of grind crud that is a far cry from the super technical, blackened math-death beast that materialized on the Tumult album with Weasel on drums, and the demo from 1995 that's documented on this disc collects ten tracks of their sloppy, atonal skronk recorded on a busted-ass 4-track. Brain -damaged grindmetal recorded through a thick veneer of puke, super low-fi and blown out, the guitars completely out of tune and caked in filthy speaker-shredding distortion, the riffs smudged and smeared into a buzzing hiss. The drumming is totally spastic and sloppy, blasting through ferocious stumbling blastbeats and brain-damaged beats that fall apart on themselves, and the songs are splattered with fucked-up singing and incomprehensible growling, silly cartoon character voices and retarded casio melodies and raygun noises, all globbed into super-short blasts of brainscrambling chaotic non-structure. This stuff is so fucked that most grind fans won't be able to handle it, like a deformed grindskuzz cross between death metal mutoids Faxed Head and the reverb-chamber noisecore of Stench Of Corpse. The artwork is really fucking foul too, with loads of nudity, exploded heads, gore, dicks, Fender defilement and other atrocities.

M.N.D.L.S.B.L.S.T.N.G. Infinitum A.D.D. Nauseum LP (Devils Fork)
The sole album from Nevai's M.N.D.L.S.B.L.S.T.N.G. is a violent discordant blur of experimental noisecore, sounding like Sonny Sharrock becoming caught in a Sissy Spacek / Miss High Heel-style meatblender. The duo features Nevai teamed up with virtuoso shred-mutant Mick Barr of Orthrelm / Krallice / Crom-Tech infamy, who plays both guitar and gu zheng, a kind of Chinese zither, whipping through an oppressively dense maelstrom of obsessive, hyper-fast guitar shred and formless blastbeat chaos that completely spirals out of control. The record has two massive twenty-minute blasts of the band's bizarre, bestial noisecore, a rumbling blasting mess of hyperspeed improvised drumming and weird, discordant guitar riffs splattered together over a repetitive cluster of barbaric, wordless grunts and frantic squawking vocals. Those weird vocal noises start to whirl out into elliptical patterns over the cacophonic blast, while bursts of fucked-up stop/start riffs collide with gobs of crazed Skin Graft-esque skronk and screeching guitar noise. Like some of Nevai's other projects, there's a similar psychotic energy seemingly informed by the more noise-damaged fringes of the black/death underground, but these guys end up going way out beyond the fringes of extreme metal, the brutal relentless blast-attack of the drumming much more like an ultra-intense free jazz freak-out cranked out of its mind on high doses of phencyclidine. And there's a weird, tape-splice feel to the album that feels as if it has been cut apart and reassembled, Sissy Spacek style, into something even harsher and more abrupt and abrasive and over-modulated. A bizarro improv No Wave noisecore assault on the senses that hurtles into gibbering chaos; I think I could feel the seams of my skull starting to come apart around halfway through the b-side. Possibly the most insane of all of Nevai's various projects.

NEKROCIDAL KILLDEATH Simulated Musik (Symbiotik Sadisme) 2 x LP (Devils Fork)
One of my favorite Nondor blasts, Simulated Musik (Symbiotik Sadisme) is a double LP from Nekrocidal Killdeath, here made up of the duo of Nevai (aka Lord Killdeath) on drums and vocals, and someone or something called Voltage Kontrolled Orkestroid on "sub bass". It's total lunacy. Four songs across four sides, each titled after a different elemental force ("Air", "Fire", "Earth", etc.) and running exactly fifteen minutes in length. The music is absolutely barbaric, mostly made up of thunderous, improvisational drumming, an almost nonstop onslaught of chaotic blastbeats and brutal speed-fiend percussive pandemonium, over which sits massive bowl-churning bass guitar that sometimes shifts into nauseating bass drops. Barely an actual riff in sight across this hour-long meltdown, the bass instead materializing as an array of massive grinding drones, corrosive speaker shredding noise-loops and monstrously heavy low-end reverberations. There are multiple vocal tracks all howling at the same time, a mix of weird monotone cyborg chanting and feral distorted shrieks and gargling, inchoate psychosis, the lyrics a stream of consonant-heavy mania and thermonuclear poetry. The recording is raw and low-fi, lycanthropic hallucinations resembling some weirdo robotic version of Canadian war-metal, but flung even further out into left-field, an avant-garde chaos-storm of freeform blast delivered at an exhausting level of physical power and stamina; the seemingly boundless energy behind Nondor's drumming is something to behold. Musik just gets weirder and heavier as it goes on, the latter half of the album veering from the relentless battery of spazzoid blackened noisecore into an even more abstract rumbling mass of improvised percussion strewn with massive detonations of bass and noise, slipping into almost industrial territory. At one point Nevai launches into an epic drum solo akin to the intro to "Hot For Teacher", but stretched out into a maniacal percussive panzerblast, while a punishing power electronics assault swarms over top, buzzing drones bumbling from speaker to speaker like the malicious drone of some monstrous biomechanical hornet. My speakers were on the verge of igniting into flame by the end of this. Devotees of the more outré fringes of extreme improvisation, noisecore and grind may worship this as passionately as I do, especially those into the utterly mutant fucked-up extremism of bands like Nikudorei, Intolitarian, Nihilist Commando and Seven Minutes Of Nausea. All others should stay the fuck out. Compared to the other Devils Fork releases, the packaging for Simulated Musik is rather ascetic, each 180 gram record housed in a separate white unmarked jacket, but as with other releases, this comes with its own embroidered Nekrocidal Killdeath patch.

NEVAI, NONDOR Nayk'd Ayres LP (Devils Fork)
Yet more outsider metal/prog-influenced weirdness from Nevai, the 2012 album Nayk'd Ayres is an anomaly amongst a clutch of anomalies, a warped conglomeration of difficult acoustic guitar pieces that play out like some intensely damaged outsider folk, the music mostly comprised of just the man and his guitar, with some minimal percussive accompaniment. The label references everything from (presumably Carnival of Excess-era) GG Allin to Manson's clandestine low-fi jailhouse-folk ramblings, and I can see that to an extent; there's a similar seat-of-your pants feel to this stuff, very stream of consciousness. The music itself is a mix of shambling skronk, plaintive freeform strumming, and aggressively strummed chords that can start to blur into a frantic, messed-up attempt to capture the swarming sound of black metal, while other songs hint at a brain-damaged take on old English ballad forms. Mostly though it's a kind of stoned, atonal free-form acoustic fuckery that somehow manages to get under your skin (at least it did mine), especially with the weirdly jazzy stuff like "Galaktik Refrain (V)", whose spidery, meandering melodies sort of resemble a more menacing, completely demented Derek Bailey. And like Manson's records, Nevai will sometimes abruptly break into laughter, or scream invectives at his suddenly non-compliant microphone, or belch into the mic, berate his roommate, or slip into an a cappella bit singing the praises of church burning. It's madness, the lyrics and imagery ranging from heavy metal drama and apocalyptic darkness to possibly drug-fueled free-association; out of all of Nevai's albums on Devils Fork, Ayres may be the most impenetrable, possessed with a Beefheartian delirium that'll most likely infuriate and/or bewilder anyone but the most adventurous listeners and fans of the most far-flung ends of deranged mutant folk/improv. As with the other LPs released by Devils Fork, this comes with an embroidered patch featuring wild, multi-colored artwork like something out of a lysergic fever dream.

NEVAI, NONDOR Diabolikal In(ter)ventions For Distorted Guitar 7" VINYL (Flemish Masters)
An obscure 7" EP released back in 2001 that we just recently excavated from the vaults of terminal blastbeast Nondor Nevai (of Hatewave / To Live And Shave In L.A. / Aborted Christ Childe / Miss High Heel notoriety). One thing you can say about Nevai - this is not a man prone to repeating himself. Every single one of the records I picked up from his Devils Fork imprint is a uniquely bizarre entity, and Diabolikal In(ter)ventions For Distorted Guitar is no different. Released on the short-lived Flemish Masters label, this EP captures some mega fucked-up, totally mutant avant-guitar mania. The four "interventions" that make up this record are insanely blown out, ultra-distorted chaos-blasts, comprised of ridiculously distorted guitars squealing and squiggling like brain-damaged death metal solos over rumbling, flatulent bass frequencies. It's more like some monstrous microbial harsh noise infestation than the schizoid blast-prog of his latter-day releases, though that obsessive, maniacal shredding style that appears on some of his more recent albums is splattered all over this 7", albeit in a more primitive, atavistic form. The second side dials back the ear-raping noise a little, allowing Nevai's crazed, evil guitar solos to meander over slow, sludgy riffing and other monstrous contrapuntal lines, like a more deranged, brain-damaged version of his buddy Mick Barr. Recommended for fans of Barr's stuff, as a matter of fact, and other purveyors of extremist psychedelic guitar torture. Comes in a handmade sleeve with reflective silver artwork. Limited to three hundred copies.

NEVAI, NONDOR / OVERSHADOWER KOMMAND Three Tocattas... (Or) LP (Devils Fork)
Here's another "klassikill" assault from Nevai, here operating under the awesome name Overshadower Kommand, primed and pumped for annihilation with a spare instrumental palette made up of just vocals, drums and distorted organ. The album is divided into three sections: "Tocatta Number One" erupts into a bizarre cacophony of ramshackle blackened violence, barbaric blastbeats thundering beneath the weird drone and crazed calliope melodies of the organ, the music blasting and halting, abruptly skidding through messed-up, seemingly improvised arrangements, like some meth-fueled meeting between Conqueror/Revenge drummer James Read and a heat-warped, decomposing playback of Verne Langdon's music for Carnival Of Souls. A bizarre mix, yes, but also deliciously brain-melting. Nevai shrieks and roars like some Baphometic nightmare over this frenzied clusterfuck of malformed blackened blast and gothic organ delirium, his reptilian hymns stretching and echoing over the violent, progged-out black blast. Nevai turns his organ into a monstrous drone generator, spewing out a nearly nonstop stream of hallucinatory rumble that sometimes shifts and hovers like some behemoth engine in space, elsewhere spiraling out into a kind of mutant, Grand Guignol carnival music, or slipping into a rumbling caveman "riff", like some deformed Hammer horror soundtrack splattered across the sound of Nevai's drum kit tumbling endlessly into oblivion. Some of the most psychedelic shit I've heard from this maniac, as well as some of his heaviest. Limited to two hundred fifty copies, comes in striking gatefold packaging with all of the lyrics printed on the interior panels, and includes an embroidered patch.

NEVAI, NONDOR / _ (UNDERSKOR) DMT Rok + Sonata (The Arrested) LP (Devils Fork)
Another killer blast of aberrant "klassikill" prog-sadism from terminal madman Nondor Nevai, this LP features two tracks released by his "Underskor" project (which also identifies itself simply as "_"), previously released on CD by the French prog-punk label Savage Land in longer form; for this release, each track has been edited by Nevai to produce what he considers the "definitive" version of each. The demented "DMT Rok" on the first side is a frenzy of furious double bass drumming and brain-damaged death metal gurgling, ear-scraping bouts of atonal cello and violin relentlessly molested over the band's rumbling abstract heaviness, the music often dropping out into completely wrecked passages of No Wave weirdness. Uneasy listening for sure; there's a couple of moments where you might think the band is going to suddenly launch into a hideously discordant blast of Gorgutsian death metal, but almost as soon as the notion is floated out there, the music will completely abort all semblance of structure or coherency, and devolve into a rapidly collapsing mess of mutated chamber skronk and insane spoken word, with Nondor reciting his depraved ravings in a beyond-nauseating Randy Yau-esque death belch that really makes me want to puke. Completely fucked. The b-side features a slightly altered, shorter version of the track "Sonata - The Arrested" that appeared on _'s Exekutioners Extinktion CD; this sprawling scum-prog epic showcases all sides of their sound, going from improv blasting, almost noisecore-level grindvomit that gets quite heavy at times, and back into oddball dissonance and fractured free-jazz shot through with brief moments of eerie beauty, like some mutoid freak-improv-jazz/black folk mash up that occasionally slips into a warped groove. A harsh, uncomfortable sonic assault for sure; one comparison that I kept thinking of while listening to this stuff would be a weird cross between the defunct Seattle improv-screech duo Noggin and some sort of primitive black metal slop, or a black/death-tainted To Live And Shave In L.A., or a bestial black/death version of Miss High Heel, echoes of the latter two definitely perceptible in the band's sound, not surprising considering who's involved with this. If you dug some of the more grind/black metal influenced Flying Luttenbachers stuff and the free jazz/black blast mess of Ettrick, this track in particular will hit your nerve endings with similar aplomb.

NEVAI_NONET String Oktet In A LP (Devils Fork)
A massive and melon-flattening album of demented, strangled chamber-prog delivered against a backdrop of pugilistic, militaristic drumming, easily one of the most sonically fucked of all of the recordings in the "klassikill" mode issued by Nondor Nevai, 2012's String Oktet In A is a real blast of horror from this duo of Nevai and Tim Dahl (a member of spazz-metallers Child Abuse), a melding of violent drumming and atonal chamber strings that scrape across your nerve endings like broken pieces of rusted metal. Much of the album is comprised of slower, stumbling weirdo progginess, the crazed sound of atonal viol scraping up against Nondor's narcotized singing and his manic drumming; there's an odd, almost Rock In Opposition vibe to some of the more "melodic" moments, and parts of this vaguely remind me of a heavier, more fucked-up and horrendous Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. It certainly gets pretty goddamn creepy whenever the two slow down and let this congeal into one of the heavier, heat-warped prog-dirges. Later sections of the "Oktet" shift into violent cacophony that sounds (like much of Nevai's stuff) like it could have come from some vicious Canadian black/death outfit, but most of this is a tangled chaos of discordant chamber music, swarming around the furious fast-paced drumming, a tumult of tumbling tom rolls and erratic blastbeats at times reminiscent of James Read's percussive hellstorms in Revenge and Conqueror, but with that viol clotted into nightmarish dissonance, like a horror movie score ripped apart and splattered like so much viscera across the lurching blastscape. Which makes the few moments of intense musicality that arise that much more jarring, potentially surprising those more accustomed to Nondor's signature difficult/ear-fucking delivery. A grade-A purgative. Comes on 180 gram vinyl in a full color gatefold jacket with embroidered patch and a digital download code, limited to two hundred fifty copies.

NO MOR MUSIK self-titled CD (ugEXPLODE)
To most, the racket that No Mor Musik create on their debut album is an unlistenable mess, but us, this disc is an awesome chaos attack that continues to wander down the same strange black/death metal influenced path as some of the other recent releases on Ugexplode. The band is made up of Weasel Walter (formerly of Flying Luttenbachers/Burmese, currently heading up some ferocious free-jazz ensembles) on bass, terminal weirdo Nondor Nevai (of Hatwewave and the recent Nondor-Barr duo album) on drums and vocals, and avant-garde saxophonist Keshavan Maslak, aka Kenny Millions on reeds. From the band name to the song titles, you can tell that there's a certain amount of parody going on, or at least a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards this kind of extreme skronk-thrash, but that doesn't mean that this is any less ferocious and fucked-up sounding as Nevai's other collaborations with Weasel Walter. In fact, No More Musik goes even deeper into the bizarre fusion of black metal atavism and no wave/prog weirdness that we've heard on Nondor's recent collaboration with Mick Barr, or any one of Flying Luttenbacher's late 90s records. The nine minute opener "No Mor Song" is an awesome primitive black blast of bestial metal and fucked-up improv, and every time we spin this, we keep imagining what Finnish black metallers Beherit might have sounded like if they had become obsessed with No New York. The band stumbles and rages through blasts of super dissonant guitar noodling and caveman blastbeat drumming that's super sloppy and chaotic and barely in time, breaking off into weird guitar noise freakouts and scraping free-form abrasion. Nevai delivers his vocals in a range of guttural vomiting screams and growling wordless ape-shrieks and lots of Tom Warrior-style "ugh"'s, with tons of delay on the vocals, and Seth Putnam from Anal Cunt puts in an appearance as well on this track, spewing out his trademark vocal vomit. Then it veers WAY out into fractured, pointillist noise experiments and long stretches of abstract guitar noodling, the vocals changing into demented orgasmic moans and howls, and Maslak/Millions drops some squealing, blood-curdling saxophone shriek into it that strips flesh away with a Borbetomagus-like intensity, his bleating, screaming reeds soaked in spit and blood and bile, becoming entangled with the fucked up, mangled guitars and deformed blackened riffs. Imagine hearing something like Miss High Heel or the Luttenbachers crossed with early Beherit or Hellhammer... Then comes "Liner Notes", a seventeen minute long track that is in fact an improvised sax-heavy jazz/dirge freakout with an endless, hysterically deranged series of liner notes and thanks list entries being growled and grunted over top. The music on this one is more like the heavy pounding jazzcore of God or 16-17 or Painkiller, heavy grinding riffs and paint-melting sax screech, but with these ridiculous guttural growls reciting an extensive stream-of-consciousness list of thank-yous, dedications, and album notes over the gruesome necrotic no wave. The rest of the tracks are shorter, but still very strange; weird jive talk over blurts of bass noodle and airy free jazz blowing, chunks of grisly freeform blast-jazz and sloppy thrash, squirting guitar skizz and nervous improvised percussion, and of course, more of that spastic, chaotic, monstrous blackened free-jazzcore. Comes in a full color digipak, and is limited to three hundred copies.

TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A. 2 The 300 Dollar Silk Shirt CD (ugEXPLODE)
The confusional "sequel" to the legendary noise band To Live And Shave In L.A., TLASILA2 was an offshoot cell made up of Rat Bastard, Weasel Walter, Misty Martinez, and Nandor Nevai playing what they called "free glam". This disc collects the entire studio output of TLASILA2, including a remastered version of their Kill Misty: Threnody/300 Dollar Silk Shirt CD-R as well as a previously unreleased full length album that was recorded in 2000. TLASILA2's "songs" are violent spasms of heavy, stream-of-consciousness noise rock/no wave that's further fucked up, freaked out and mutated using extreme production techniques, fronted by even more damaged and freaked out vocals delivered via what appear to be helium sucking cartoon characters screaming through a 20-foot megaphone. We're talking way surreal and damaged sounds here, a cough syrup soaked mess of fractured riffs and drums, gruesome blats of electronic squelch, chopped up carnival hardcore, freeform pots n pans jams, breakbeats, nonsensical lyrics and retarded mumbling, Weasel's scorching, Borbetomagus-strength sax blasting, songs titled 'Belatedly Embroilment the of She She It-It' and 'March March The Yoghurt, And', and tape recordings of To Live And Shave In L.A. leader OM Myth mixed in as if the dude was actually there. This comprehensive disc contains 18 tracks total, in a full color case with an 8=page booklet containing color photos and extensive liner notes penned by Weasel Walter and Abraham Boulez, and released in a limited edition of 500 copies.

Some real weird shit here, folks. This 12" EP from Nihilist presents two new projects with very different (but equally demented) sounds: VVarvolk (pronounced "Warfuck), the percussion/sound collage/blastbeat duo of Nondor Nevai (Hatewave) and Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers) on one side, and the twisted demonic synth-disco of Fashion Dictator on the other. The VVarvolk side is totally ridiculous. The guys in the band call this "Industrial Warmetal" with tongues firmly in cheek, 'cuz this single epic track sounds more like an old drum corps. record being played on a malfunctioning turntable at 45 rpm. I can't tell if there are supposed to be individual tracks or what, but what you get is what sounds like an unending volley of chopped up large-caliber munitions fire, mortars and automatic rifles laid over chopped up drum tracks and brutal blastbeats while sparse samples of grunting and howling voices are sprinkled over top. Every once in a while, a gutteral death metal like grunt or a chunk of roiling low-end noise will pop up, but mostly it's just a very bizarre collage of battle explosions, glitchy drum samples, and freeform blastbeats. Weird. A new project from Panicsville's Andy Ortmann, Fashion Dictator is way more musical, but equally bizarre. Serving up two tracks of deadpan vocals reciting murderous lyrics, sinister cheapo-synth lines, burbling electronic noises and lazer zaps, pulsating Casio beats, and goofy, PC-baiting titles like "Third Reich From The Sun" and "Sadistic Fantasy", this sounds like a brain-damaged mix of Monte Cazazza and Giorgio Moroder with the satanically possessed research scientists from John Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness contributing guest vocals. Limited run of two hundred copies, on 140 gram black vinyl and packaged in plain black DJ-style 12" jackets with stickers on both sides.

_ (UNDERSKOR) Exekutioners Extinktion CDR (Savage Land)
This might be the most cryptic band name yet, even with all of the weird typographical glyphs being used by the witch house scene...supposed to be said aloud as "Underskor", '_' is another project from the uber-prolific Nandor Nevai, who has previously released some whacked out, grind-influenced prog/improv discs on ugEXPLODE as well as the early noisecore-era Hatewave stuff. You always know to expect some seriously difficult and noisy anti-music from this guy. With '_', Nevai holds down the drum kit and teams up with Rat Bastard (To Live And Shave In L.A./ Laundry Room Squelchers) on violin and Dan Hosker (Harry Pussy) on cello for a set of extreme abstract, spastic improv-demonic-blast-chamber-prog, blasts of atonal cello scrape and violin skree over Nevai's burly double kick drumming and blast beats and hyperactive improv drum work, the strings moan and groan and screech as the band lurches and erupts into some real migraine-inducing necro-no-wave skree. This mix of free-improv violin and cello mangle over the freaked out drumming often form into some very strange black metal sounding minor key "riffs" that sometimes slips into moody dirge, and in fact, there are several moments on this disc where the band begins to sound a little like Dead Raven Choir, a sort of stumbling, ghoulish folk-trudge, albeit way more violent and chaotic sounding, the instruments prone to maniacal shifts in sound and explosive noisiness. The blackened free-skree also moves into realms of chaotic fx-damaged punk stomp and even some really weird countrified hoedown stuff laced with electronic/feedback blurt and lots of delayed/fx-tweaked vocal weirdness, Nevai's voice contorting itself into all kinds of random gargling and hissing, and demonic, guttural vokills that get really ridiculous when they start to drop into an almost goregrind-deep pigbelch that reminds me of Eric Wood's ultra-low grunts in Bastard Noise. The centerpiece of the disc is the sprawling seventeen minute opening track "Sonata (The Arrested)" where '_' displays all sides of their sound, going from improv blasting, almost noisecore-level grindvomit that gets quite heavy at times, into oddball dissonance and fractured free-jazz, like some mutoid freak-improv-jazz/black folk mashup that occasionally slips into a warped groove. It's a harsh, uncomfortable sonic assault for sure; one comparison that I kept thinking of while listening to Exekutioners Extinktion would be a weird cross between the defunct Seattle improv-skreech duo Noggin and some sort of primitive black metal slop, or a black/death-tainted To Live And Shave In L.A. or Miss High Heel, both of which you can hear echoes of in this band's sound, which isn't really all that surprising considering who's involved with this; if you dug some of the more grind/black metal influenced Flying Luttenbachers stuff and the free jazz/black blast mess of Ettrick, these guys will hit your nerve endings in a similar manner. This limited-edition disc contains all of the recorded material from this obscure project, presented in a full color wallet.

The group I'm going to talk about today is called MNDLSBLSTNG (points are important!) And I warn you now, it's pretty twisted! The significance of this unpronounceable acronym is "Mindfull Noise detonates Lucipharaonik BDSM Barbarik Light Speed ??Thundering Nuklear Goddessrape "... and as I said at the outset, this is not really mainstream metal to be all ears. Before opting for this delicate blase, the group called BARR - Nevai before switching to MNDLSBLSTNG (surname highly more memorable, you will agree easily.) But before we come to this compilation of real frappadingues titles, a short presentation of the man behind this strange surname is required. MNDLSBLSTNG is the result collaboration between Nandor Nevai and Mick Barr (Krallice known for). Nandor's called me an "original", a musician / artist very difficult to follow, understand and analyze. If you want to get an idea of the character, go for a ride on his website ( http:/ / / and ) where he regularly publishes texts, photos and videos of his pieces / performances...c 'is somewhat special. Curious by nature and knowing not the man I was reading an interview with him where the journalist must try several times before you get to get some answers to his questions ... Nandor having the tendency to block in the middle of its own reasoning to back a long time later ... or not. When I say "answers", we must know that this concept is very personal to our dear Nandor ... and again, you have to see to believe. Completely scattered, jumping from one thing to another, telescoping his ideas and delusions in a verbal logorrhea almost like making a speech mentally ill, the artist seems to come from another planet. This is certainly side "Jobard" which makes it sometimes considered a genius and a true humbug is royally fucking the mouth of the world. Especially known for his project Aborted Christ Childe, he has participated in a lot of groups, but try to identify all projects is very difficult as Nandor is not in itself all what he did. "Worse Worse +: 1979-2088" is a K7 Restrospective the career of evil duo. It includes four major works Nevai / Barr Rhapsodik Bitonality (2007), The Rainbow Supremacy (2009), Labyrintha (2010) and ADD Nauseum Infinitum (2012). The songs you hear on the K7 have been completely remastered and will argue each side, especially as from one to the other, the music is quite different. define the band's musical style is quite complex. Nandor defines his music as a science fiction setting. For me it is a kind of Free brutal metal Noisy unstructured, désharmonisé and completely insane. Frontiers noise (and do not mince words, and supportable from listenable), 26 minutes of "Rhapsodik Bitonality" give a good idea of the state of mind of the mad composer. Rhythm nonexistent guitar hardly audible noise, and sound larsens droppings all kinds tear in a voice approaching more animal than man. Regulars aggressive sounds "Noises" will not surprise musical recipes used by Nandor and Barr, but "we" metalheads base is already a different story. 's brutal extreme metal and is used here that, just as the industrial and electronic sounds. There has Blast Beat the double pedal and guitar solos but here everything is drowned in a canal degenerated manure that makes everything extremely aggressive for the senses and ears. If you like it you squeegee cages and honey do you cringe, you will be served. After 40 minutes of audio horror, the B side seems much more accessible. It's almost a piece of metal Death / Thrash that opens the hostility of almost 10 minutes and if the very special production and ultra theatrical singing exception, we recognize an almost classical structure. After 40 minutes of drills, it's good. But this is also where we perceive that the battery is still good Nandor strawberry and if the guy shows some moments of capabilities well marked, the fact never meet a measure, it leaves traces. But I think this should be the least of his worries. Because the goal here does not seem to produce the sounds which we are accustomed. Nothing is square, there is no "wall" sound, and no structures when the message, I think we have to rise early to understand anything. And it was during the last rants "Infinitum ADD Nauseum" that we find ourselves in an almost conventional Metal / chaotic universe (I mean compared to the rest) and the K7 ends in a final barouf noise and rage. you can see, we are not here faced with a group "DEGLINGO" that makes you laugh. Is disturbed and disturbing, and the entire listening to these works compiled does not really leave you with a smile pasted on his face. This is a tough experience to try if you're not afraid to take a pounding ears. Let me conclude by saying that putting a note on this project is also fantastic as the project itself. I put a 666/20. Then feel free to put the note you want to dice when you join or not MNDLSBLSTNG whole album is streaming below so ... good listening friends. - 74 visit (s)

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Posted: 28/05/2013 at 8:21 - (107580) To make unstructured must first know how it structured? Pamalach Like say, the guy is not even fucking his BAR program on the metal part. And the noise part, personally I qu'empiler unbearable noise on each other it is more motivation, than genius. So I dare say: Total Humbug, guy who plays deranged / illuminated for fill his lack of inspiration, skills and talent.

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Posted: 28/05/2013 at 13h48 - (107584) At the edge of painful, but I like it enough in the end. Not something I hear every day, but from time to time instead of the first or Atomsmasher Mass Destruction The Curse Of The Golden Vampire.

from: SleepofDeath Location: England Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:45 am Post subject: Got the ACC cassette today, good shipping as usual from Kramer, well done cassette and layout but most importanantly it sounds utterly savage, it rips! The only band it vaguely sounds like is Cremation but more black metal, really glad i bought this, and i hope you put out more good little cassette relesases like this. review of No Mor Musik

by Leonardo Amico NO MOR MUSIK

ni kantu review

by Clifford Allen:

MICK BARR/NONDOR NEVAI Labyrintha (ugExplode) Labyrintha is the third release of the brutal prog/thrash duo of New York-based drummer/vocalist/composer Nondor Nevai and D.C. guitarist Mick Barr (Orthrelm), and their first for Weasel Walter’s ugExplode label. The Barr-Nevai duo is quite different from the more archly-composed and blistering antics of Orthrelm (also a guitar/drums duo), engendered in a more sprawling approach to improvisation. Nevai’s playing is a dry, rattling and seemingly imprecise antecedent to the double roto-tom markers of death metal, the tropes of which otherwise seem distantly related to some of what Nevai does. In a way, Nondor Nevai might be the Roy Haynes of metal drumming, disappearing and reappearing with a loose, implied movement buoying Barr’s multi-tracked, buzzing minimalism. The recording quality is raw and analog, not as blindingly detailed as what we’ve come to expect from metal, and with that artificial layer stripped away, one can focus more on the immediate interaction between the two. The results are atonal and randomized guitar flights paired with brutal yells and sextuple-time thrash (a la Walter/Hiroshi Yamazaki) that, surprisingly, have enough kinetics to get one’s foot tapping rather than pummel the body into a couch. There are four pieces here, ranging from the 30-second closing salvo to a twenty-one-minute corker. If unintelligibly weird screaming/cursing, scalar pyrotechnics, thrash and a comet-like unwavering motion are your thing, the Barr/Nevai duo are definitely worth a spin. Totally wasted, but excellent. Clifford's blog

sentireascoltare review

by Leonardo Amico:

After a publication on MP3 Brutal-Prog and a CD-R edition insignificant, the UgExplode Weasel Walter of the first real press release on behalf of Barr-Neva. One might ask why wait so long, seeing the potential of the guitar-drums duo have nothing to envy to act like ultracelebrati Lightning Bolt and Hella. Powerful as the first but without riffoni Tamarri, chaotic than the latter but without the arty look, in some ways still work best. A free noise by shouting, loud and close to hysteria. Absolutely distant then, the disturbing lack of pathos that is criticized at Shred Earthship, giant wild technique which saw Mick Barr's work with the drummer from Hella, Zach Hill. Here, the same frantic guitar acrobatics Barr, loose from the constraints imposed by the minimalist self-Orthrelm, instead playing quite well chosen. Obsessive vibrated on six strings build tension alien, only to explode into pieces under the posts destructive Neva. The drummer strikes between wild tempo changes and sudden assaults blast-beat screaming loud for the worst tradition of American noise rock (Colossamite, Harry Pussy) until, occasionally, the sounds are stretched in lurid duets feedback / voice unlikely to chant om a mystical hint from dopobomba treacherous. Joined by the same snow as a Fuck You study a disaster of compressions, Labyrinth deserves the gap that exists between disks Ruins and Napalm Death. original review in Italian

Crucial blast review


Orthrelm/Ocrilim/Krallice guitarist Mick Barr and sonic weirdo Nondor Nevai have been collaborating on a series of full-lengths for awhile now, and Labyrintha is actually the third album that these guys have recorded and released together; it's the first to actually get an "official" release through ugEXPLODE however, as the previous two discs were released as super-limited CD-rs. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a team-up between guitarist Barr and drummer/vocalist Nevai: endless streams of tremolo shredding that pour forth over a chaotic, thrashing drum assault, all completely improvised, the two musicians raging through fields of densely clustered avant-speed-metal shredding and fucked-up vocal noise/feedback assaults and demented quasi-throat-singing exercises. Mick Barr's endless racing notes swarm over these tracks like hyper-dense flurries of electronic insect chirps, and fans of his work in Orthrelm/Octis/Ocrilim will love this; on the other hand, Nondor's berserk black-vomit vocalizations and stumbling, freeform blast beats and drumming chaos pulls this into a much more freaked-out and frayed-at-the-edges form of improv shredblast. Imagine the soundtrack for the old video game Galaga being performed by a virtuoso thrash metal guitarist while the drummer from Beherit goes into an extended shitfit. Or maybe some manic, PCP-fueled fusion of Torture Garden-era Naked City, Abruptum, and that Bonus Levels disc that featured nothing but Trey Azagthoth shredding that came with the limited edition version of Morbid Angel's Heretic. Totally fucked and maniacal avant/no-wave/thrash weirdness - Flying Luttenbachers fans, this is definitely for you. Comes in full color digipack packaging.

Bruce Lee Gallanter review

from the proprietor of Downtown Music Gallery:
NEVAI, NONDOR The Wooden Machine Music CD ugEXPLODE

"When I read Weasel Walter's description of Nondor Nevai's music for player piano, I was definitely intrigued. "Like Conlon Nancarrow on crack" or so the description goes. Hmmm. Turns out that Mr. Nevai is a member of To Live and Shave in LA, the Restaurants, and his own trio _ (pronounced "underscore"). The music itself is quite wonderful and not as difficult as Nancarrow's. It has a sort of breathtaking mechanical beauty. The notes cascade, shimmer and spin in focused waves. Even when things speed up to faster than humans can play levels, there is always a solid clarity of ideas. I like the way Nondor balances different fragments or sections, sometimes one rhythmic phrase will be repeated and slowly altered, sped up, slowed down and turned inside out as another section collides with it. Why a player piano? Most likely, since certain sections would be impossible for any human to play. Also, it gives the composer free reign to explore any different of difficult change of genre or structure. Track 4 is different in that it is slower and more contemplative with moments of haunting solemnity. The final piece is longer and more classical sounding with some stark and somber sections. There is still a mechanical quality to this, since the player piano doesn't change the way it strikes the keys of the piano. This makes the music itself more important to hear than the way it is performed. It does sound as if there is no improvisation involved, yet the music remains both fascinating and somewhat detached from human nature's physical ability." - BLG

Crucial blast review

NEVAI, NONDOR The Wooden Machine Music CD $15.98 ugEXPLODE

Prog mutant. Alien mathematician. Founder of avant-deathgrinders Hatewave. Member of Illinois death metal duo Aborted Christchilde, To Live And Shave In L.A. 2, and tandem blastbeat drum duo VVarvolk. Mick Barr collaborator. Yep, Nondor Nevai is one of the more interesting characters that you're going to find in the underground "brutal prog" scene. Just take a look at his Myspace page for some of the most inscrutable artist information you'll ever try to decipher. I was there for hours. Or check out the completely fucked spoken word/a capella album The A Capella Cantata that he released on Flemish Masters a while back. The man is a wellspring of hypercreative weirdness. Wooden Machine Music/2001 is the weirdest of the recent releases from Weasel Walter's ugEXPLODE label, a collection of five pieces of hypercomplex piano music written by Nondor in MIDI and then played back through a genuine player piano that has been outfitted with a digital interface. These twisted, atonal compositions for player piano sound somewhat like Silentist's most dissonant moments, albeit without the backing blastbeats and powerviolence vocals. Nope, this is all piano. Each piece is a stuttering, angular blast of notes, sometimes played so fast that there's no way that human hands could possibly be behind these dense clusters of notes and cascading runs. Indeed, some of these pieces have titles like "Automatic Sonata No. 5 by 5 Hands", underscoring Nondor's appropriation of the player piano's mechanized playback to create these inhuman avant classical compositions. According to ugEXPLODE, these compositions were influenced by visions of an H.R. Giger-esque biomechanical hell made up of clicking insect parts that he witnessed after using a powerful hallucinogen called DMT, which sounds pretty neat. The label compares the album to the acrobatic piano player works of the avant garde 20th century composer Conlon Nancarrow "on crack", and this album is certainly recommended to fans of avant-shred overload and eerie, modern "klassikill" piano music...though there are also quite a few moments of stark, shimmering beauty that appear among the blasts of atonality. Very cool.

Thurston Moore review

from ARTHUR magazine:
THE BEST OF NONDOR NEVAI cassette tape Nihilist records

Nondor Nevai, by all accounts, should not still be alive. It's very possible he isn't. We first caught sight of him on the infamous "free-glam" tour of To Live & Shave In L.A. a few years back. He was a ferocious black metal scum bandit raging way past the band's set with unbridled drum pounding and sweaty headbanging insanity. He made fellow bandmates Weasel Walter and Misty Martinez appear absolutely docile. All we know is ex-Chicago resident Jim O'Rourke claimed the best band name ever in Chi-town was Nondor's legendary and infamous Vagiant. So we had hoped to hear Vagiant as a recording session happened but it never was released. As neither was the Aborted Christ Childe LP that Tom Smith was to release. One other Nondor group called Hatewave, again with Weasel Walter, did release a CD and it's one of the best outsider sick-metal projects out there, though "true" black metal freaks are oblivious to it for reasons of elitism inherent to the genre. But trust us who listen outside the box, It destroys. [The Hatewave cd out on tUMULt records is Weasel's fault. For my predecessor to this band consult APOP records' forthcoming Hatewave Demo cd ~NN] Anyway, Nondor is a satanic power metal freak of nature and we just found the compilation of his lost and sundry works as produced by Weasel on the Nihilist label. It's titled The Best Of Nondor Nevai and it is crushing, hilarious and delivers the damaged goods. Available only on cassette, keeping it out of sight to aboveground ears, it features tracks from the unreleased Vagiant, VVarvolk and Aborted Christ Childe LPs. A lot of Beefheartian voiced ruminations on straight up boner-boy sex with a shot of art history thrown in. Fucking weird and fucking awesome. From the liner notes: "Nevai has manipulated the very fabric of reality to create his work, and as a result, documentation has been scarce. Much of his legend exists thusfar in the domain of oral history and rumors. Equal parts GG Allin, Otto Meuhl, Andy Kaufman, Kim Fowley, Ted Kaczynski, Charles Ives, Gurdjieff and Dennis Hopper. Nevai has fucked with death and survived so many times that we must regard him as superhuman. What you will hear on this release are the ravings of a madman, drunken with lucidity." ~Weasel Walter

Jay @ japan's review

from What Fucked You? blog

Sort of a Holy Grail of WTF records. The A Capella Cantata by Nondor Nevai bills itself as a piece for voice, reverb pedal, and magnetic tape. put it in other words, this is a piece for microphone, karaoke machine and hilarious drug buddy. Listening to Nondor Nevai is as bit like being at some sort of wacked-out disco club where records by Stryper and Saturday Night Live are played back to back; and some madman (armed with a cheap echo pedal) has taken over the dj booth and continually rambles non-stop over every song. Saying the most inane...yet brilliantly stupid things from off the top of his head. Whether it be going through a play-by-play of a random sexual encounter, reading the thanks list from a hip hop album, or spouting off some lesbian poetry, the results never fail to make me laugh and at the same time, make my jaw hit the floor in the fact that someone actually released this as a real Cd! Needless to say, if you are a fan of all things stupid/amazing/psychotic/wtf?...then you know what to do.

Jay's blog

additional comments about "THE A CAPELLA CANTATA"

Anonymous d said...
JAY, youve done it again, this album fucking rocks

Blogger Bruno said...
Nondor's a bloody genius... and he's still at it! He's got a comp tape out on Nihilist, a couple digital releases on, an upcoming Undrskor CD on Savage Land, and his "Wooden Machine Music" LP is finally coming out (early next year I think) on Weasel Walter's uGEXPLODE label. All outstanding. Anyhow, thanks -- great post.

Blogger jAy @ jApAn said...
Bruno, not to mention the fact that he also auditioned for The Great Kat !!!!!!!!!!! (true story)

Blogger Bruno said...
Now that's priceless. I have one Nondor "rarity" I should try to rip and share sometime (if I had the means) : the Diabolical Interventions 7", the last release on the Flemish Masters label. It's nowhere near as good as this though.

Anonymous shadow said...
Nevai is finally having his moment, one that's long overdue. He's also on one of the new To Live and Shave in LA albums. I agree with one of the previous posters - the "Diabolical" single isn't very good, but freaks should be allowed to fail.

Blogger Bruno said...
True - Nondor is doing some vocals on "The Cortege" by TLASILA, coming out around March 2008 on Blossoming Noise. I got the Undrskor record on Savage Land from him and it's killer. Wooden Machine Music may now be preordered from Weasel Walter (it's coming out on the 15th.) About time!

Anonymous milton. said...
Nondor Nevai rules. saw TLASILA 2 and it blew my mind